Our Stance On Account Distribution

Here at BCraft, we do not support the distribution of accounts by any form, whether it be a forums account, another game account, or a Minecraft account. By giving away or selling your account, you not only break our rules but you also violate Mojang's Terms of Service agreement.

We will not tolerate anyone that shares/distributes their account with other players by money, or simply giving away your progress on the server to another player. As a community, we support dedication and hard work; not a homework pass because you don't feel like working as hard as other people do.

In conclusion, if anyone is to distribute their account via Minecraft or other services, that account will be reset to the default group by a staff member or permanently terminated from the use of our services. This is our stance, and if you do not want to be punished for such a thing, you should abide by our rules.
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Mojang Authentication Servers

The authentication servers for Mojang are currently down. Our services are still up, but users seemingly cannot connect to any servers, not just our own.

Please wait and let Mojang sort through the server issues. The game should be playable eventually. If you see users on servers, it's most likely due to the fact that they were on that server before the authentication servers started acting up, essentially locking them into place.
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False Accusations

We have had a serious issue with petty and childish behavior on the server. It has been in the form of falsely accusing people of things they did not do. So, in light of this, there are going to be some policy changes.

1. ALL reports MUST have evidence. If you make a complaint, file a report, or even casually suggest someone did something and you have no evidence, you will be banned. NO EXCEPTIONS.

2. If you accuse someone and it is found you are lying, you will be banned. NO EXCEPTIONS.

3. If you complain about this policy change, you will be banned. NO EXCEPTIONS.

This toxic behavior of reporting people ends now. If you engage in this behavior you are no longer welcome at BloodCraft.
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BloodCraft Update - 3D RESOURCE PACK

On BloodCraft, a brand new, revolutionary aspect has been added to the server! This feature is a 3D RESOURCE PACK! Some of the things that the 3D Resource Pack introduces will be listed below.

3D Resource Pack:
- 3D Ninja Tools
- 3D Kunai
- 3D Shuriken
- 3D ANBU Katana
- 3D ANBU Masks
- 3D Seven Swordsmen Swords
- Much, much more!

Accompanying this are some cartoonish 3D textures to make the look of everything more like the anime!

We encourage you to come and see the 3D Resource Pack for yourself as there are many other features not listed here that you can see in game. We'd also like your opinions and suggestions for the resource pack, so come check it out!
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PikaBlox Update #7 - v5.0.3, MEGA EVOLUTION!

The new version of Pixelmon is out and we have updated to it!

This new version includes the highly requested feature, mega evolution!

The three Pokemon that can currently mega evolve are:

Charizard (Charizardite-X, Charizardite-Y)
Venusaur (Venusaurite)
Blastoise (Blastoisnite)

To mega evolve the Pokemon specified, you would need to kill the mega evolved boss Pokemon of each of them to obtain the equipped Mega Ring. The boss Pokemon may also drop the corresponding mega stone to mega evolve it!

We hope to see you on PikaBlox, reaching new heights and going beyond normal evolution!
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NEW XMage Server


We have opened a server for XMage. XMage is an online video game based on the popular card game Magic The Gathering. This game allows you to play against one or more online players or computer opponents. This game goes by all official rules of the actual card game.

For more information on XMage, check out its site at:


If you would like to connect to our XMage server, please use the IP that will be listed below!

Server IP: mc.b-craft.org
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PikaBlox Update #6 - NEW PIXELMON!

The new version of Pixelmon is out and we have updated!

There are many new Pokemon and legendaries, though, the legendaries will be added into our server over time to create a better Pokemon experience opposed to them just carelessly roaming the world. We haven't released them yet, but if you want to get your hands on them now, head to our shop!

With this update, they also added three new starters. Fennekin, Chespin, and Froakie, They also appear in the wild and are as rare as a starter usually is. You can use /pokefind <name> to locate their spawn location though.

All the new Pokemon and TM's can also be gotten from the store.

You will need to update to play on the server.

As a post Christmas special we are running a 20% sale on all products. Just use the following discount code,

Discount Code: xmas

This sale will be running until January.
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System to End All Chargebacks

I have long been contemplating a new idea for a plugin. Today I have decided to push ahead with it. It is a chargeback retribution system to add REAL consequences to those who chargeback.

Basically this is how I would design the system.

Server signs up on website, receives an API key and a copy of the plugin. If someone charges back their payment account they submit that data, the amount, and evidence to the website. Me and my staff review it and if it is valid we take the users uuid and add it to a list. Then our plugin would ban them and prevent them from joining ANY server that uses it. Regardless if the server won the chargeback or not, because lets face it, a crime is a crime, there needs to be consequences, and they are just going to do it again.

Now for the users side, when a case is submitted and approved the user will have a chance to contest the charge. Since we will be following the "Innocent until Proven Guilty" method of not being a shitty person, unlike these financial institutions, the burden of proof would be on the user to prove that the server/unauthorized user did something wrong as the user is the accuser when filling a chargeback. If their case has merit it is dismissed, no harm done, but if it fails the ban remains and the only way to remove the ban is to pay back the entire chargeback + chargeback fees, which will be returned to the server, and then a 25% processing fee (or just the processing fee if the chargeback was won by the server) to my service to help maintain the system and reinforce the point the system is trying to make, that there are consequences.

This also isn't a completely one sided thing either. Servers found to abuse the system will have a three strike system. Abuse it 3 times and you are permanently banned from the system.

If we achieve widespread adoption it means that someone who charges back on one server could be banned from a majority of servers effectively revoking access to multiplayer Minecraft.

We will of course be retroactively be adding our chargeback list as well, effectively banning the users on not just our servers but many other servers as well.
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PikaBlox Update #5 (Red Update: Part 1)

Today is a good day for PikaBlox fans! Today is the initial release of the "Red Update".

The "Red Update" is going to be a massive content update to integrate new and exciting features along side player requests and stability/performance changes. Due to the size this update will be released in two parts and will be fully released before the 20th.

Bellow will be a list of what is going to be released and what has already been released.

Part 1: Released Now
- Fixed The Void spawns causing lag and being buggy
- Performance tweaks to config system
- General performance tweaks
- Mew, Celebi, and Lugia item chance rates have increased. They are more likely to be obtained now
- Increased chance of receiving a Pokemon through Mystery Gift and Voting
- /useflash, if a Pokemon has the move Flash you can now use it with this command every hour to receive 10 minutes of night vision.
- /pokefind <Pokemon>, this will show you the rarity and locations where Pokemon can be caught
- Misc rarity/biome changes

Part 2: Released Before 12/20/2016
- Player town gyms
- Safari Zone
- Battle Tower
- 4 new legendaries (Regi Pokemon)
- Ability to request a battle with someone in the arena with a command.
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Reminder About Chargebacks

BCraft is run at a loss. We don't get to keep any purchases. They all go to maintaining and improving our services. This is why we do not tolerate criminal behavior regarding our store. It is literally theft. We have talked about this before but apparently a reminder is due.

We take chargeback fraud seriously. When you make a purchase and then say you did not receive it when you did or that you did not authorize the charge when we can prove that you did, and by the way we can always prove it, you are committing a criminal action known as theft by fraud/deceit. Depending on the amount it may also be a felony.

When a chargeback is issued we supply your credit card company and our payment processor with a full history of every purchase, chat logs, IP Addresses, addresses, names, emails, email addresses, our terms of service, your UUID which can be tracked back to your original purchase of your Minecraft account, your internet provider, and any other details we may have.

Afterwards we then proceed to file a police report with your local police department for criminal theft via fraud/deceit and contact our lawyer to begin the process of pressing charges. Our lawyer then proceeds to tack on his charges, which you will be liable for.

We have NEVER lost a chargeback case.

The reason why we are mentioning this now is because we just had to file yet another police report for a chargeback. This time the amount was large enough to qualify as a felony. This person and possibly his parents will now be facing the risk of serious life damaging consequences such as a criminal history and prison time.

This is not a joke, it is not a game, it is a criminal action that will destroy your life. Chargeback fraud is a crime and when you face off against us, you WILL lose every time.
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