BloodCraft Naruto Realism World League

Hello everyone! I am proud to announce that we have finished testing of the BloodCraft Naruto Realism World League plugin and it is now live! For all who do not know, this plugin is a plugin-based competitive matchmaking system where users can queue up and fight a random contestant near their rank in specialized arenas. This uses the Elo rating system and is considered the server's new endgame component. When queueing you will be put against a user who has an equal or near equal rating. Each match consists of a one on one fight against another opponent near your level. After each match, the winner takes points from the loser and this can result in the heightening or lowering of one's Elo rank.

This is reserved for Jounin/Medical Specialist/ANBU Ranked Ninja hence it being an endgame component. If you want to participate in these things, you gotta become Jounin/ANBU/Medical Specialist.

To join the queue for BloodCraft Naruto Realism World League just type the command /joinwl

There are five tiers per bracket other than the starting bracket, which is the single E0 Rank.


E0 does not have a weight, it is just a stand-in number for contestants who don't participate or haven't won.
It is 100 points per individual number, like D5, D4, D3...
It is 500 points per full bracket, like D5, C5, B5...

You get five points for winning and lose five points for losing.

Only one match can go on at a time presently, but matches are typically very short anyway being a 1v1.

This means that the old leaderboard has been removed. In future updates, we will add our own text-based or GUI based implementations for leaderboards, but that's for the future. Please also remember that there can be unforeseen issues with the plugin, so expect such.
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Maintenance Finished

I am here to inform everyone that the long maintenance we had is now over. This maintenance needed to happen as there were a lot of problems behind-the-scenes that created difficulties for all of the servers on the network.

There were too many things we didn't have control over and we didn't have the means to stop crashes. This maintenance was mostly done to give administrators more accessibility and freedom to fix problems in the backend without hassle. This way, in case something goes wrong we can be quicker and more efficient with fixing it. There are more tools to identify issues which hadn't existed in previous versions and we now have more freedom to use them. With the upgrade of server software and backend processes, we have fixed the administrative issues we were having.

This maintenance wasn't necessarily done to improve performance in-game for any of our servers because there are other underlying issues present, but it prevent the servers from conflicting with one another and trying to fight over resources. This means that the servers will run more smoothly independent of one another, but it doesn't necessarily mean it fixes overarching issues that everyone has been experiencing on their individual servers. A lot of those issues are due to older versions of Minecraft and its plugins.

We hope you understand the length of our maintenance. We were trying to ensure a more optimal experience with better software and for the future, more will be able to come out of the server without software limitations holding us back. Thank you and I hope you enjoy playing on the BCraft Gaming Community servers.
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Planned Maintenance Today

If you are wondering why the servers may be down, we are currently working on the server's back-end to put certain administrative issues to rest while updating some outdated software. This is a continuation of the maintenance that was stated to happen earlier this month and last month. This process should only take a few hours to complete and we will update you if we run into issues. We apologize for the inconvenience, but the fixes we are doing are a net positive for the server in the end.

If you want constant updates, please stop by our discord server listed below:
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Update on Maintenance

The servers are now online. We are not done with maintenance but we have setup the groundwork to continue another time. The next maintenance period will either be tomorrow or around the same time next week.
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Server Maintenance

If you are wondering why the servers may be down, we are currently working on the server's backend to put certain administrative issues to rest while updating some outdated software. This process should only take a few hours to complete and we will update you if we run into issues. We apologize for the inconvenience, but the fixes we are doing are a net positive for the server in the end.
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MageBlox Update Explanation

There seems to of been a lot of confusion surrounding the proposed update and changes for MageBlox. A lot of people on the forums and on the server have been concerned with building up settlements and having fun because of the update post. I am here to explain that you should not be worried.

MageBlox will not be updating for a very long time. I didn't make it transparent enough that MageBlox had a proposed update with no estimated arrival. I simply tried to put out there that MageBlox is going to have an update, but not at this very moment. My staff team and I would like to do more with MageBlox, but such a thing isn't going to be on the table for a while, so play all you want.

I will inform you when action is taken in updating MageBlox, but I promise you, I will inform everyone far before the update is pushed and the proposed changes and wipes are made on the server.

I apologize for any confusion my older post may of caused, and please enjoy the server!
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MageBlox Massive Update

MageBlox will be receiving an update that switches it to the newest version. Many mods will lose support due to lack of updates from then to now. MageBlox is plagued with problems due to version and mod conflicts. Many of the issues MageBlox has are due to the software and mods that run on it not having the tools to provide a stable experience. Many mods conflict with no way to fix it and so an update would mean a solution to these problems. There will be plenty of new content but expect there to be losses.

The downside of this is that there will be a world wipe in transition. We do not plan for any future world wipes as the server software, mods, and tools we will have available will not let the problems we have with MageBlox happen again. We apologize that this type of thing is planned to happen, but as you know, there are many issues that I've personally noted that cannot be resolved. With a new update, there will be things to prevent these issues.

For those concerned about the full wipe and any items purchased via our real cash store, we will present a way to reimburse your purchases in time. Thank you for playing on our servers. Have a nice day.
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Massive Server Upgrade Announcement

I'd like to introduce by saying that the server has received a massive update in hardware!

A lot of money was spent to increase the speed of each server by introducing a new solid state hard drive which separated the load put on the system by each server. Before the upgrades the servers were fighting for core system resources but now they can work independently of one another. A new case and water cooling system was also introduced to enhance core system performance. It took a while for the orders to be processed to our host and for the parts to be replaced (hence the downtime) but expect more updates that improve server performance to come as things develop.

Because we introduced the new solid state drive, BloodCraft Naruto Realism was moved to it, freeing up space for MageBlox and PikaBlox on their own individual drives. Each server should expect a performance boost for not having to fight over resources, but most of all, BloodCraft Naruto Realism has gained a little more breathing room to handle annoying issues caused by the version it is on.

We hope you appreciate these updates and again, we are sorry for the downtime and any future downtime that is present to improve the server!
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Automatic Chunin Exam Plugin

There is breaking news for BloodCraft Naruto Realism players!

Today we have introduced an Automatic Chunin Exam plugin created by our Java Developer, Keelur. This is a major step ahead for the server as it now makes our exam processes much smoother with very little manual labor required from the Hosters.

This feature is revolutionary, with this server being the only one in possession of such a plugin. After tons of hard work, it is finally ready.

In the near future, we plan to automate our other exams, which include the Special Ninjas, Medical Ninjas, Jounins, and their eight man variants, which would also include the eight man Chunin Exam.

We hope you enjoy the automatic exams and all feedback is appreciated!
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Potential Outage Report

There is currently a powerful storm impacting where our host provider is located. This storm will most likely cause an outage. We may stop the servers early to prevent the risk of data corruption.

We will inform everyone when/if the server goes down and when it would go back up in that case.

Thank you.
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