Hello! We have introduced a new jutsu named Demon Wind Shuriken: Windmill of Shadows! This update is part of a large ninja tools rework that we are introducing to the server. When you have the Demon Wind Shuriken item on hand and throw it, a large shuriken blade flies toward your target. If the shuriken hits your target, it will deal one or two hearts of damage and thwart movement. The shuriken also has a boomerang effect, being able to around for more potential damage! Be careful how you throw these large shurikens as they can break if they hit a wall or the ground, or if you take too long to catch it on its way back to you. A video of how this works will be posted below!

We hope that you enjoy this new update and we encourage you to try it out as well. Stay tuned for more updates and content releases!

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