BCraft Naruto: Green Roar

Hello! Green Roar is the remake for the Primary Lotus jutsu. Green Roar is a jutsu that swiftly kicks the opponent into the air with an animation focused on the ground and on the target. This jutsu acts a bit like Primary Lotus, except it does not take the user up with it. The opponent ascends a bit slower than Primary Lotus and rather than instantly being affixed to the ground, the opponent falls. This allows for better combinations during combat and the fidelity of the jutsu better matches the current developments we are making.

Primary Lotus needed to be redone because users would put it into combinations that exploited combat mechanics, allowing unfair advantages with little to no effort. The new jutsu helps mend the issues and helps combat advance. Primary Lotus was a jutsu that constantly had to be policed for exploitation and Green Roar is one that likely will not have the same outcome.

We hope you enjoy the new updates and developments we have been making on the server. Stay tuned for our future updates and developments on the server!

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