BCraft Naruto: GroupManager to LuckPerms

There is good news for the players of BCraft Naruto! I have migrated our permissions system from GroupManager to LuckPerms !

This plugin conversion was beneficial for the server and its players because it increases the server’s performance. After a lot of thinking, the plugin had to be switched out because it was the cause of a lot of performance loss on the server.

GroupManager was the source of low server performance because of how it retrieved information from its files. GroupManager stored data in two separate text documents for users and groups. Due to the large amount of users and groups, every time it would retrieve information from the text documents, it would cause a lag spike. Since GroupManager stores all of the users and groups without proper organization in text documents, it would have to search the files one by one until the information that it needed was retrieved. This process caused lag every time information was retrieved from the text documents that could potentially lead to data corruption it began to crash the server.

LuckPerms solved the issues that plagued GroupManager by storing user data in a database file, which reads more like a spreadsheet. Information in a database file is categorized and has a high amount of organization, so rather than grabbing information one by one, LuckPerms is able to retrieve the information it needs from specific sets of data without having to run through an entire file. This process is a lot less resource-intensive and is optimal for a server of our scale. This is how server lag was greatly reduced.

With the introduction of this plugin, lag is greatly reduced, but there are some kinks in the system that come with a complete plugin conversion. Report any bugs or permissions issues you see as they come by through the forums or in-game and we will be able to work through this change together! I hope you enjoy this fix!

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