Hello! We are introducing guilds, which are organizations made by groups of players. Through the use of the plugin, players will receive special perks such as cosmetic pets, non-VIP fast travel, and guild bank storage. You can rank up your guild by getting a specific amount of members per tier and paying a lot of in-game cash. You should also choose skillful members for your guild so that you can wage war against other guilds for in-game money. Guilds also allow you to effectively band together to complete boss missions by having a dedicated unit of people to take with you. We plan to add a lot more to this update over time, but for now, enjoy the content!

You can access the guilds menu through the ‘/g’ command. The use of each command is clearly explained in the command menu. I hope that you enjoy this new content update and stay tuned for future updates as well! Just know that misuse or abuse of the guilds commands, naming system, or other features will be severely punished!

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