BCraft Naruto: Housing Update

Hello! I am happy to re-introduce housing to the server! Some details on how this works will be below!

Housing will not be village specific so you will be able to buy a house in any of the main villages. All purchasable houses universally cost $250000, but when contacting a staff member to purchase one, you must know that not every house is purchasable.

You must be active to own a house. You are charged a $10000 property tax per month so that only active users can keep their homes. This is beneficial so that space doesn’t fill up too quickly and it allows everyone who is willing to play the server to keep their home. You are only allowed to own one house.

Some houses do not have interiors or have ugly interiors/exteriors. We have a system to govern how house interior/exterior changes can be made.

  • Level 1 Interior ($0)
    • The house is empty and will receive basic interior design, not custom, upon request.
  • Level 2 Interior ($25000)
    • The house will receive major changes to the interior appearance and perhaps minor exterior change, but the preset design and structure stay the same, upon request.
  • Level 3 Interior ($50000)
    • Major interior re-design is done, and this involves major structural rework inside the house and sometimes moderate exterior change, upon request.

People who owned homes in our previous system (which used the real-store) do not have to pay taxes on their home, but they will have to pay double the cost for redesigns.

People who own legacy homes (purchased with in-game money at the beginning of the server) will be given leniency in paying the taxes for their home. We will wait for these specific, but few users to log in, and they will choose to pay taxes on their home or cycle it back into the housing market, thus no longer owning it.

If you have any questions regarding this system, just ask us in-game or on the Discord. Thank you for your time and stay tuned for more updates! Goodbye.

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