Hello! We have introduced a handful of new ninja tools and have revamped a few older ones. This was important to extending the realm of possibilities players have in combat and to create a better gameplay environment for the future of our server. An explanation of our additions and changes will be put below.

We added a spike ninja tool that will allow you to throw a semicircle of spikes onto the ground, damaging those who step in them over time. This tool is good for countering or creating hazards.

We added a senbon ninja tool that has five charges before going on cooldown. This tool does a small amount of damage to the opponent but has a fast rate of fire. It is good for creating distance between you and your target or even applying small increments of damage throughout the fight.

We have renamed Paperbomb Kunai to Ninja Art: Explosive Kunai. There is also a visible trail and explosion initiation sound as this ability fires.

We have redone Throwing Needles and have also renamed it to Ninja Art: Kunai Volley. This jutsu fires a bit slower than what it used to, but with similar damage and mechanics. You lob a volley of kunai that are chain-linked at your target. This ability is useful for extra damage or keeping your target away in stressful situations.

As you already know, we have introduced the ninja tool, Demon Wind Shuriken: Windmill of Shadows. More about this ninja tool can be found in our last post. It is a giant shuriken with a strong ranged affinity. The giant shuriken can return to you after it is thrown, striking for double damage. It can take your opponent by surprise.

I also plan to work on the kunai and shuriken ninja tools to better fit the gameplay above. Additionally, I will be taking a look at Ninja Art: Kunai Barrage to make sure that all of the changes will keep the gameplay balanced.

I hope you enjoy this new update and we encourage you to stay tuned for more content in the future! Thank you for your time.

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