BCraft Naruto: World League

BloodCraft Naruto Realism: World League is a competitive matchmaking system where players are randomly paired together in a one-on-one match. Through the use of an Elo rating system, players win or lose points that contribute to the progression of five rank tiers. The higher you get, the more competitive it gets. Gloat your status in-game and make it to the top for insane prizes!

Entering the queue requires that you are one of three different ranks.

  • Jounin
  • Medical Specialist
  • ANBU

When a player queues with another player or set of players, they are matched based on specific tiers.

  • E0
  • D5-D1
  • C5-C1
  • B5-B1
  • A5-A1
  • S5-S1

E0 is the starting rank, being zero points. The first match you win will bring you to D5. You work your way up by defeating your opponents in one-on-one matches to gain points. Winning a match will yield ten points and losing a match takes away five points. To rank up by a single number, you must win ten matches, not counting losses. To rank up an entire letter you must win fifty matches, not counting losses.

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