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Hi, there was a hoster application format you needed to follow that I think you missed. I’ll link the staff application information!


Also note that you need to — under a hoster’s supervision (ask them if you can!) — spectate the Chunin Exam (optionally the Jounin exam as well, it is basically the same thing as the Chunin Exam), Special Ninja Exam, Medical Ninja Exam, and possibly an event. For each of these, you need notes that go into the detail of how the exam is hosted. You want to take these notes as if you are the person hosting the exam so that when the time comes for the hoster examination, you can get the best results. You won’t be able to use these notes on the hoster examination so remember to ask the hosters questions and also remember to study!

In your case, if you have confirmation that these exams were spectated and you have notes, just finish filling out the format and send the notes in to me over Discord. You know who I am in the Discord.