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Beanos, aside from jokes, how you talk to other people and act on the server is a pretty poor reflection of your experience managing players and a far cry from the maturity you need for Moderator. You tend to be very abrasive and rude towards people in the team, like calling certain team members retarded, or a perfect example from here, calling the entire hosting team braindead. The hosting team is not as good as it should be, but you are still in it, and becoming a Moderator still requires you to work with them, and even host exams that they can not, although, this is rare. When you first joined the team as a Hoster, within the first hours of being staff, you cheated through some missions, but were ultimately forgiven. This was a few months ago, but your maturity has not improved much. You still swear through Discord chat, which is something you would need to moderate against, and a couple of days ago even, you were sharing your Discord link which is against the rules. After your stunt of leaving the team for a day because of an exam, I cannot imagine what you would as Moderator if you became frustrated with someone.

You also have a keen interest in being a ton of ranks, like how you were looking to become a Developer for maybe a week, and then suddenly you want to apply for Moderator. It seems like you are hungry for power from my perspective, and even if you took the time to learn the skills for a rank you are looking for, applying for Moderator, Developer, Builder, Scripter, or Quester will not give you any greater say over decisions made for the server.

It just takes one look through the Naruto chat to see how you conduct yourself, and the list of things that you really need to work on before applying. This is not all I have to say, as the list truly does go on, but it is all what I can think of right now. I am more critical of this application because you already are staff, and I think you and other people need to see this. Even if you have testament from your friends on the server, it does not change that everything about is what I have observed.