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Thanks for the suggestions and ideas. I have some comments.

  •  Characters
    • I am not comfortable with adding new characters right now, nor am I comfortable with them having nothing if people passed the character test for them. People who earned characters are still waiting on jutsu to be made or remade, and that is not good. People who pass the character test can wait as long as they want, but it is not about waiting, “a certain amount of time,” for character jutsu. It is interesting to see that this group put so much work into this suggestion post just to come up with waiting as the only solution. Unfortunately, waiting does not give me the means to fix older clans, create missing clans for certain characters, get character jutsu finished, and work on improving other jutsu. It is hard to make any of our characters interesting, popular or unpopular from the show, when I can not give them the cool things you want for them.
    • After more than seven months of discussion, I thought that the group who worked on this would give me more than a list of demands, but you still lay all of the responsibility to fix server issues to me. Until I get the staff and resources I need to improve existing features of the server, this will not change.
  • Character Process
    • Criteria
      • You are making it seem like everyone who has actively character tested is struggling on just one or two jutsu themselves, and that it’s like they’re all getting a 99/100 and failing. Every person I have tested in the past six months, aside from you and maybe Akito, has struggled with a lot more than two, three, or even four jutsu or ways they use their kit. Players taking the character test will have to change and adapt how they play to pass and be a better player.
      • You and Akito are two cases out of nearly fifty character tests in the past six months. Character testing requires people to make progress on their issues until they pass, and that’s what both of you did. You treat the “hit everything to pass,” requirement like you have to hit everything 100% of the time, without fail, without conditions, and without leeway. Most people give up way before that, not even doing the bare minimum and ignoring criticism, and you’ve seen this yourself when fighting people on the server.
      • If half, or more of the people testing were having this issue, you would make a pretty strong case. I struggle to find cases where a player is well-rounded but can’t hit a few jutsu. There are always other issues that prevent them from passing, like how they play, accuracy with jutsu, or how often they use certain jutsu.
    • Testers
      • I am probably going to need more testers now that we’re pulling 50-70 players daily, and now that the exam schedule has expanded to accommodate for EU/US anyway.
      • Not a lot of people have the time, game knowledge, or traits required to be a tester. You can suggest whoever you want, but they still need to comply to my rules and meet my standards, or else it’s just going to be endless disagreement.
    • Grading Harshness
      • When this criticism was brought up before, I have actively made sure the criticism I was making was concise, not too long, not too many big words, and I always try to let people testing know that it’s okay to fail, it’s okay to ask questions, and to make sure its still a fun environment testing. I don’t really see the point of this criticism at this point.
    • More Content
      • Missions
        • I hired Icarus to work on quests and bosses, the first thing I assigned him was a boss. This was months ago. Unfortunately, I can only tell him to work on things faster or fire him.
          • I want missions to be redone, I added the quests plugin with NPCs, MythicMobsQuests (to link MythicMobs to Questing), among other plugins so that it can be done, but there’s not much else I can do. Yet another issue where we don’t have the means to make what you’re asking for and it isn’t like anyone is trying to apply to make it better.
      • Prize Drops
        • When people complained that the bosses dropped only like 2,500 to 5,000, I made the change so that the bosses can drop anywhere between 2,500 to 10,000. This was months ago and I thought that this fixed the issue. No one has given me trouble about it since.
        • I can consider adding more unique drops to boss missions, like certain cosmetics like hats, or store chakra colors, in the future.
      • Events & Exams
        • Hosting more things requires more Hosters. We already expanded the exam schedule recently because we had to. This means we host more exams at EU/US friendly times. Events are next, we are discussing this in the staff channels right now, but I need a larger hosting team too and we know it. We are afraid we won’t be able to keep up with the influx of players, so we need a bigger team.
        • I am encouraging Hosters to help players through the application process to become Hoster. I need more Hosters, but unfortunately we are limited by the amount that apply. I made dozens of posts about staff needed, made changes to our application guide to make it approachable. I can lead them to the page but I can’t force them to apply.
      • Store Perks
        • We can talk about giving more perks to VIP ranks, but I definitely don’t want to give features to the ranks that make it so they don’t have to buy stuff from shops like every other player. Players shouldn’t get to buy ranks and just get to teleport directly to bosses, or get ranks and get free keys for not doing bosses, or get kunai and shuriken for free without having to earn the money in-game.  Mojang isn’t doing a good job at enforcing the EULA, and they likely aren’t going to, but there are certain things I don’t want on my store and that I like aren’t on my store.
        • Mineplex and Hypixel do follow the EULA. This is just a bad argument, I have read the documents Mojang releases for server monetization and they comply. They are massive Minecraft servers, the biggest even. If they didn’t comply, Mojang would know.
          • Literally one Google search. Mineplex is a partnered server with Mojang. If Mineplex broke their terms of service, they wouldn’t be.
          • Hypixel isn’t partnered with Mojang because they’re making Hytale, a direct competitor to Minecraft, and is working on their own projects that are a conflict of interest for Minecraft. They are an independent game studio, Hypixel Industries, whereas Mineplex replies on Minecraft.
  • Customization
    • Chakra Colors
      • I have heard about the GUI to change chakra colors suggestion, I want to do it, but I haven’t worked out how to do it or if it is possible in this version.
      • There are some technical issues on the server, with how the groups are made with chakra colors, that would have to be completely redone, and I still haven’t solved the issue of it going through resets.
        • This is something that I have to work on, but not really sure how I would go about it. You don’t see the difficulty of this from my POV, I don’t really expect you to, but it’s being worked on. I talked about this with Saiko and in the staff chat not too long ago.
        • I also have to do it with things like victory colors, weapon colors, and find a way to return all of this stuff to people efficiently upon resets.
    • Named Jutsu Items
      • I’ve never heard of the named jutsu items idea until now. I personally don’t get it, but I guess it needs more explanation. I’ll have to consider it.
    • Competitors
      • I don’t pay attention to what other servers are adding, if you want to suggest an idea you see on another server, you can, but some things on other servers might conflict with how our server works or I might not like, such as certain gameplay or store items.