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No I’m well aware that this issue has been talked about for years, and I’m here more often than you think. Regardless you refuse to take what I said into account which is, you have no room to talk about added characters when the only developer on the server has to deal with 90 other issues simultaneously. You completely disregard the fact that it takes time to get multiple characters put in, make sure their jutsus work, and making sure they’re actually worth implementing. The developer and owner has stated that he isn’t comfortable with putting incomplete products out so why even bother asking for incomplete products? If you play the server specifically just to be a character and not interact with the community in the server as well then why play? The server doesn’t have the sole purpose of “give everyone a character to play” its for people to enjoy their own Naruto (The show) themed experience and enjoy themselves while making friends and interacting with said friends. If the only points you’re able to argue are that I’m not as active as a player and that you’ve been arguing this same point for years re-evaluate your argument. The suggestion you’ve made isn’t for the overall community its for yours and your cronies only. Also, my being disrespectful with a disclaimer is a reference to your own work 🙂