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Memo, regarding how long I’ve been on the server referencing your statement of “10+ players that have been around for much longer”, I’ve been here for 5.5 years, so idk if they’ve been around for “much longer” than myself. I played consistently for three, and went inactive for two while checking in periodically roughly once every two months. Since actively re-joining the server I’ve been on roughly once per week and I host an exam when I was able to /up for it, considering I have to work a 40 hour job to keep myself from being homeless, and upkeep on my mental health as I have bi-polar 2 that is currently unmedicated, and yet I’ve been managing to get on somewhat frequently regardless of that situation, and continue to help where I can. While on I rarely see you online and every time you do pop up its around the times where situations like this (started by your loveable friend group) are started.  You are also completely ignoring the fact that staff members are players as well and we oh I don’t know. Play the server, go for characters, go through the exams, interact with the community, do the missions, ya know the works. So our opinions on suggestions like this count just as much as yours do.