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I could care less about this bickering, my thoughts are my thoughts. I stated in one of the slides that I myself and a bunch of other players would not care if they got a character that did not have spells for a while. BESIDES I did also say that you do not have to add so many characters in bulk, you could start off by adding certain characters that you feel you could make spells for in the future.

Don’t really know what else to say other than the responses I am receiving are disappointing and quite childish. You guys are over here using emojis and not even responding to each other anymore about the actual topic. I am sorry but I do not know what is so hard to understand, to me this seems like a quick fix. Add characters that DO NOT have spells currently but allow players to go for them. No one would spend their time flaming you for them not having the spells added, people will be happy that they are able to go for a character that they like. Quite funny you guys are responding this way, great way to represent yourselves.