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I already made it abundantly clear in my first post (first page by the way) that I was not comfortable adding new characters now, nor was I comfortable with them having nothing. More importantly, spell scripting WILL NOT GET DONE without more help. Scripting spells full time is not something I can do. You have yet to come to a conclusion where it isn’t pinning the work on me, regardless of how many times I’ve said that there is no way for me to script all of the spells. I need a larger scripting team, this isn’t coming, this isn’t being addressed. You are not acknowledging this.

Remember that outside the server, I have IRL responsibilities like college, which took a large chunk of time away from me being able to work on the server. Next semester/month I have classes that are very important to my degree, so I will have even less time to work on the server. My coursework is creating 3D scenes in programs, and the time it takes to create and render scenes in those programs can and will take weeks at a time. During this time, I physically cannot be at my computer because it is rendering, locking down my PC.

On the server, I am stuck micromanaging every part of the team, one way or another, on top of the work I already have to do as an admin. I am spread too thin to be able to work solely on one project. I will continue to do what I can to improve the server and especially with scripting, but your suggestions do not make it any easier for me to create content for the server or fix content. Move on.