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Mina your response to having more character testers would be great, however there is a problem with skill level with the current set of players myself included. Adding more character testers would be more beneficial but you have to find someone who is willing and someone who has the correct skill level required to test characters and give enough feedback so that they know what to work on. Right now we don’t have anyone willing or able to do character testing right now.

Your comment “Don’t really know what else to say other than the responses I am receiving are disappointing and quite childish.” is ridiculous, the only people sending emojis have already given you (or tried to give you) more insight/ a different view on the topic at hand. The only difference is that they choose to only explain it to you once because you refuse to understand how much time and thinking goes into the inner workings of the server even when its in writing for you.

“our friend group gets portrayed as “toxic” because we are simply trying to bring ideas to the table.” This is the definition of playing victim. Your friend group isn’t at all portrayed as “toxic” because you are bringing ideas to the server, your friend group is being portrayed as ridiculous because you have been given multiple responses from the opposite side stating why this is not a possible thing. If you really wanted suggestions and stuff to be implemented or taken into consideration you need to listen to the other side and EVEN THE PLAYERS. above Evo said he tried to call you and elaborate and you refused, so it proves that you are close minded to any response given.

“But it is incredible that I am hearing from some of my friends on Naruto Adventures that certain staff members come onto NA to troll and mess with players.” They are separate people with different lives although it is VERY disrespectful to NA and unacceptable have you ever thought about reporting these players to deathdusk?

“Pretty sure I just stated what Kyle could potentially do. Just said he could add characters without creating spells. Didn’t realize I need to be the one giving him specific step by step instructions on how to fix his server.” This issue isn’t him being able to do it, its that he has enough to deal with and its HIS server he can pick and choose what he thinks is best for the community or he can choose what he wants as his own personal interest for the server. You forget yourself when writing the suggestions that this is HIS server it was HIS idea to implement the things that we have today. If you want some of these things maybe apply yourself rather than give criticism and expect that it will always come out the way you want it to.

Finally, you say you could care less for the bickering, but your last FOUR comments afterwards are less about the slide show and more about your own personal experience with the server. If your really are not enjoying the community BCNR has then please will all do respect, leave. This is not meant as a mean or hateful comment, but my question is why you keep attending the community if you see so many flaws in the systems that we have. This is now the second day that this thread has been open and I’m amazed that stuff hasn’t come to a resolution or even an understanding of some sort. Your entire reaction to the posts and replies on this thread is just appalling, your acting like you have an entitlement to the things you listed when in reality you aren’t. While some people may agree and disagree with your suggestions is beside the point because THE OWNER is the one that decides what should be accepted or denied, not the players. Suggestions are more than just a one and done situation there is way more thinking that needs to go into it and complaining about how he refuses to do it because it would be to much work piled on top of the mountain he has now is blasphemous.

Thank you, for listening to my TED talk. your friendly neighborhood Hoster Red