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Alright then, here goes.
This is going to be a long post so be prepared for it when you start reading. I will not go through every message in complete detail since most messages have a similar issue, so I will not be mentioning every message. By the end of this thread you should have a pretty clear idea what posts I would and would not have criticized.

Let me clarify: I am not responding to the suggestions with this message, I am trying to address the issue of this thread being a flame war instead of a proper discussion of ideas to make the server a better place. And to address the issue, I am going to call people out, both staff and players. Although most of the people reading will not enjoy what I’m going to say about their responses to this thread, my intention in calling people out is not to insult anyone, but to make them understand how we can handle this whole thing properly.
I will not respond to the suggestions unless this thread stops being a flame war which it is as the time of posting this, since I feel as if posting a serious response to the suggestions now will be completely pointless. If this thread starts being an actual discussion after this post, I will leave my thoughts in the near future as well.


Let’s start at the beginning.

The original presentation is for the most part a good and valid summary of suggestions that I think should at the very least be considered and/or looked into more and I would definitely thank you and the people who made this with you for the time invested in making this for us.

I do however have one issue with a specific part of this presentation.


Icarus was recently given the “Quester” rank on the server yet it seems he has done absolutely nothing, why don’t we have more quests on the server for players to enjoy? Icarus could definitely create more missions for players to enjoy.


I want to remind you that this entire staff team consist of volunteers. They are people who willingly set part of their free time apart to help make this server a better place for the players, you included. This means that inconsistencies in activity, for example, can happen. And that is completely fine. There is not set amount of hours we have to work.
poorposture, you are naming him, saying it seems as if he has done absolutely nothing and that he could definitely create more missions. I can easily tell you that you do not know what Icarus has and has not done. You don’t know what he could and could not do in this timeframe. You are not in the staff team, you have not seen the staff chats. Assuming this is ignorant and rude towards Icarus. There is a multitude of better ways of asking where progress is at without being toxic.

Deathdusk’s first response to your suggestions is good. I would maybe have changed a few small things about the writing, but overall he is giving a good and clear response to all of the points you mentioned. If you disagreed with anything he said in his response, you could have easily replied to that message about it, explaining what you disagree with, and why.

Pan’s first response also addresses all of the suggestions you have made, albeit I do also have issues with his response.


 On your last note, you’re literally just complaining because people avoided your jutsu, and took time to regen hp/chakra before fighting you again. I was in this event watching what happened. You’re blowing the situation out of proportion and are honestly just acting childish at this point.


This, among some other instances throughout the response, is not properly discussing anymore. Pan is attacking instead of discussing here and I believe that this, especially for staff, is not okay. Staff should always be able to keep their cool and act professionally, especially during heated situations. It is a part of our job. If you don’t have anything constructive to say then do not say anything.


Quite interesting how you state you aren’t trying to be disrespectful in your response yet you throw shade, don’t know why you’re trying to respond to some of my points as well considering you’re someone who only logs in once every couple of months. You are missing the point, the people who signed this document have been arguing these points for the last couple of years but of course you wouldn’t know this considering you barely play.


poorposture, saying this makes absolutely no sense. You created this thread in order to bring up suggestions for discussion, and instead your first reply to your own thread is solely an attack to Pan’s response. As I mentioned I disagree with some of the things Pan said in his reply, but this is not at all an excuse for you to do the same. If you want to discuss these suggestions, then discuss these suggestions. Both Deathdusk and Pan have made a complete essay responding to all you suggested for you to reply to. It is making it difficult for us as staff to properly discuss things with you if all you can come up for your first reply with is unnecessarily flaming a staff member for the way they responded to you. This is very unhelpful to the health of the discussion which you yourself started by posting this thread.
Your second message is, although short, a far better way to go about it. It is a shame that you couldn’t have stuck to this message and exclude the first one.



The issue with these responses is that they’re all from staff members as this is a thing that is mostly for players. Of course hosters are going to disagree as there is a topic written on them and they are obviously going to stand against it. Most players who sign this have slowly drifted away from playing the server and wish to come back if this change were to go through. I also don’t think staff members who play once a blue moons points should be as valid as 10+ players who have been around for much longer.


Memo, if you didn’t want staff to respond, why did this get posted on the forums?
You want things to change, that means you will have to discuss it with the staff team. And that in turn means we will be responding to suggestions you offer. Complaining about staff responding here is just toxic.
Everyone’s points are valid and you have no right to just discard those of the staff team like that. This also is disrespectful and does not at all help with what you and these players consider to be the problem.
If you want things to change, you’ll have to discuss them with the staff team. And if you’re going to discuss them with the staff team, be respectful while you go about it instead of discarding our opinions like that. The way you do it, you as well are making it very hard for us staff to properly communicate & discuss these things with you.


It gets shrugged off. Followed by many popcorn emojis.


I mentioned at Pan’s reply that I believe staff should always remain professional and this kind of response is a great example of how think it should NOT be done.
Deathdusk, the community is simply bringing up suggestions here for us to look at and there is absolutely no reason to seemingly making fun of what they are saying. I’ll also repeat that even though others have put very questionable replies on this thread to say the least, that is no excuse for us as staff to do the same. If we don’t have anything constructive to say we should not say anything. This attitude is not at all helpful for the discussion. The much better would be to reply to the short reply from poor about what he thinks is the reason for us not having a lot of characters, or asking if they have any sort of reply to the rest of your original message.

Memo, I’ve already explained how I think you can seriously do a better job at bringing these suggestions to the table, but this specific post has something else I want to tell you.


we as players are acting more as staff then the current staff team


In my opinion, you’re absolutely not.
Similarly to other replies on this thread, I think you’re acting immature and clearly you can not keep your cool in heated situations like these. You’re not offering suggestions politely, you’re throwing them at us with no room for discussion because of the way you present them to us. This is not how staff should act at all and judging from your replies on this thread, I would not call you an example image for staff in the slightest.


“Personal attacks” and “We don’t make suggestions” you’re just talking nonsense at this point. The original post was just a list of suggestions and if you feel personally attacked then you need to rethink the definition of being attacked or something because that shit just don’t add up


I’ll repeat it for you with explanation in case you still don’t believe it. You are attacking people for no reason on a thread that is supposed to be a discussion about suggestions from the community. Here are some direct quotes from you which lead me to this conclusion.
“Evo you can gtfo this post that makes no sense.”
“we as players are acting more as staff then the current staff team.”
“New hosters start problems like players”
“This happens every time you just brush off scenarios like this with emojis and clowning and its irritating when we try out best”
“I also don’t think staff members who play once a blue moons points should be as valid as 10+ players who have been around for much longer.”
“The issue with these responses is that they’re all from staff members”

These are your words.


Ok then apply for scripter and make the characters


Not everyone has the spare time to become staff member on a server, and that is completely fine. Community members can help out in different ways such as bringing up suggestions which was done here, although not in a proper way.
That said, the community members in turn need to understand that we as staff can not magically speed things up. If the community has suggestions for us to make things happen faster, I would be very interested and open to hear them. If not, please spare us the complaint that we’re not doing things fast enough. We’re doing what we can.


Oh, and if staff members aren’t who this is addressed to, why doesn’t Evo’s opinion matter? He is a player, after all.


Deathdusk’s next response is again what I would call unprofessional and not the way a staff member should be responding at all. Again, I think discussions about suggestions should be made of solely constructive replies, and this is even more so important for a staff member as we are supposed to show people how they should act. Staff are often considered role models for how to act by others and we should be a proper role model. I can’t stress this enough.

poorposture, in regards to what you mention about members of our staff team getting on NA to troll, I would encourage you to report these people to either me or Deathdusk (preferably with evidence) instead of bringing it up on this thread as that’s not the point of this thread. I don’t think behaviour of the sorts it acceptable and I can and will deal with it if you can provide me with names and/or evidence.


I have addressed most if not all issues by now so I’m going to stop here, but just because I didn’t mention a specific message doesn’t mean I agree with it. I think everyone can figure for themselves what messages I agree and disagree with based on the comments I have made now.

Time to finish this up. I want to remind everyone reading this that both parties involved have the same goal; making the server a better place for everyone. As it seems, staff and players are unable to communicate these suggestions properly and this is not helping either side. Summary would be as follows.

To staff: we have to act professionally and discuss these ideas with the community in a proper manner, and we have to do that even if the situation gets heated. Relations between community and staff are important and we have to make sure we keep them properly.

To players: if you want to discuss your suggestions with us, then stop making things personal, calling the staff team shit, and that kind of stuff. The problem I’m having isn’t the suggestions, it’s how you’re presenting them to us staff – in a toxic way. You can definitely do it a lot better than you are right now.

I think if both sides work on these issues, we can have a proper discussion about these ideas and help the server improve. This is not intended to be flame towards anyone, I’m only being extremely blunt in calling people out. I’m sorry if that comes across as flame, but I promise you that is not my intention. Both sides have something to gain here, we’re looking for the same thing: making the server more enjoyable. I see no reason for us to pick a flame war over a proper discussion when we both have the exact same goal in mind.

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