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I think this is a really good idea, however there are a couple issues I noticed. I think it could prove challenging to find times to host these tournaments, as one player is generally going to be busy (I should know I hosted fight club) and it wouldn’t be that fair to disqualify someone for being busy at a given time. Also in all honesty, money really isn’t that great. There’s only so much u can buy with it, and most jounins don’t even need weapons bc of wl. However, I am all in favour of more to do, cause being honest jounins and chars rly don’t have a lot to do.

Well here’s my response to this. Your fight club was a different sort of event. Bracket style, yes, but it was basically just a bunch of fights without much time structure. I plan to have my tournaments on a set date and time on a weekly basis. You will have to sign up for that date and show up, there won’t be any multiple day occassions for this most likely. In my opinion this is where the fight club struggled, because you had several fights spread out between multiple days and this lacked structure to get things done. An official bracket like mine should be able to go through smoothly, people won’t sign up if they aren’t available (or atleast shouldn’t.)


About finding time to host these events; the agreement discussed after my original posting of this suggestion would be that I would be the one hosting these with the help of a small TO panel, which is currently just me and Evo. We’ll have things set up so at least one of us will be on to host the event.


Also, you mention the prizes so let’s talk about it. I never specifically mentioned weapons at all. By shop item I am referring to the bloodcraft server store. If Deathdusk is okay with a server store item going to the person in first place, they would be able to choose what they want (maybe a $ limit would have to be in place though.) I also was proposing money amounts around $100,000 and money in that range for those who did not want to get a shop item for whatever reason they have.


This event will also be a way to have a fun server ranking for those who choose to participate and hopefully gain some merit. So all the people who wish to make a name for themselves I recommend they sign up when these tournaments get started.


Any questions or suggestions please contact Doja(myself) or Evo, thank you.