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Thanks for the suggestions! 🙂

Summonings might be something we want to approach in the future, but again, NOT everyone in Naruto had major beast summonings like Toads, Frogs, and Snakes. A lot of summonings required people to make pacts with entire species, so that would have to be reflected in the difficulty of the content that could be introduced in the future.

The quest design would have to be incredibly efficient and smart for it to work. If you are inexperienced with how quests would be designed to create summoning quests for players, you would make it too easy. It’s not about making quests; things like this require knowledge of how to design a game loop, game design, writing, etc. People go to college for that type of stuff, but i think you catch my drift. Overall we want to improve on quests though because some of the older quests are kind of boring honestly. That’s being worked on, but we need more people with quests and mythicmobs knowledge. This would make content more interesting to play.

Sages are cool conceptually, but adding them as characters isn’t really an option right now. We need to work on improving existing clans and characters because a lot of older content is flawed and restrictive to players. I don’t feel like we have a solid foundation, and you need a solid foundation or else the entire thing will crumble to dust.