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The expectations are that people can land everything in their kit (even hard hitters) in fights against him. It seems as if he expects nearly perfect accuracy for everything or at least something along those lines. He would like to see fluent gameplay with minimal mistakes at all.

I don’t expect people to land hard-hitting moves 100% of the time, or with near-perfection. I know that it is difficult and that the moves aren’t always efficient to use, and so I point this out each test when I say people should reduce how often they use hard-hitting moves to around 2-3 times per fight at maximum, aiming to hit it once every other fight.

From how I see it, and most likely other players, this system is a bit too strict. If this were a math test, it seems as if you expect a player to get a 99% to get a character.

This is a bad talking point I hear a lot. If the majority of people were hitting their jutsu for the exception of 1-3 jutsu, you’d make a compelling point, but when testing people, I point out a lot of mistakes, many of which are common, and many of which are fixable. No one really asks questions outside the character test.

If you read over character test criticism from other players, you will know this is the case. I only expect people to reach all goods to pass, no excellents. There are a handful of categories, but the most important categories are playstyle, sequence, balance, clan, nature, kekkei, and rank. The other categories like General Jutsu and Ninja Tools are freebies, but sometimes players miss or don’t use things well.

Even the pretty decent players like Zawadi would probably fail the character test, I assume with fairs (which I don’t think should be a failing score either.) I find it weird that a player like him (Zawadi) can be greatly better than most other players on the server, and still not be good enough for a character in the standards of your character system.

I wouldn’t know, haven’t tested Zawadi for a character for more than a year, or regularly in three years. Failing is part of character testing and is not something people should be ashamed of (unless they go in bragging or being weird or something). He is a decent player, but decent enough for a character?. . . who knows? When he was Haruno with Lava a while ago, I think he tested a few times and failed, but that was the old system where everything was verbal. I’d assume he’d do a little better now, given he had the time to test.

Every character is as difficult as the person makes, how difficult they find the kit to be, in application to my criteria and I don’t set “easy, normal, hard, expert” difficulties for any character. Good is the standard to reach, what I would consider the average qualities of a character should be. It should not be looked at as 99%, or 4/5 because it isn’t a number.

I don’t see it as “Everyone’s bad”, like you may, I see it more like people are getting good and trying (or at least decent) and the standards are way too high or just bad.

Everyone isn’t bad, that’s mostly a joke, but players don’t even give me the time of day to do decent. I can’t help it when the people testing aren’t doing anything in the combat test, getting 20 hearted off the bat, or just crutching and being generally inept at PVP.

The majority of people character testing do not have the game skills to get even bads or fairs, and that’s not an awful thing, but that doesn’t mean the bar should be lowered. There aren’t many good players in many games and we are a smaller community compared to huge fighting games. I can’t make it easier for players who  DO NOT KNOW HOW TO USE the majority of their kit. Very few, almost no players are reaching all fairs and just failing, or a mix of all fairs and goods

What I can do is outline where people should be at progression wise to meet poor, bad, fair, good, excellent so that it seems less aggressive or scary to get into.