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I only expect people to reach all goods to pass, no excellents. There are a handful of categories, but the most important categories are playstyle, sequence, balance, clan, nature, kekkei, and rank. The other categories like General Jutsu and Ninja Tools are freebies, but sometimes players miss or don’t use things well.

I think the expectation of getting all goods isn’t a super bad idea, however I dislike that someone can get mostly all goods, then fairs in 2 categories and it’s a fail. This is apart of the unnecessary strictness that a lot of people disagree with and should possible be re-evaluated (some people have commented in this thread about it.) I was looking at character tests a bit ago when I had a brief interest in becoming a character and I noticed that a player could get fairs and goods and still fails. I found that disappointing as with those grades they are already better than a LOT of people already going for characters. If you want to compare people to others who apply for characters, most people get bads and poors anyways, why can’t those who made it as far a to get fairs and goods pass?

He is a decent player, but decent enough for a character?.

I along with other players beg the question of why someone like him wouldn’t be able to get a character when they’re better than like 90% of the server. You saying that only helps with my point about the system being a bit weird. A successful player being known as one of the best, yet not good enough for a player seems a bit odd. The meaning of good has a lot of meanings. Good isn’t good enough is how it seems to be in this case.


What I can do is outline where people should be at progression wise to meet poor, bad, fair, good, excellent so that it seems less aggressive or scary to get into.

This is a great start and can be really helpful to the grading, I do think it isn’t enough to make the system more enjoyable to the player base.

I can’t help it when the people testing aren’t doing anything in the combat test, getting 20 hearted off the bat, or just crutching and being generally inept at PVP.

Of course these type of people who get all poors and make you have a concussion from facepalming so hard won’t get anywhere. Everyone can agree on that. What we want is for people actually getting somewhere to achieve something for all their work. Some people will never be at the level of current characters. The system in my opinion isn’t fun because of so many people trying and failing miserably being at lvl 1 and you would need to be at lvl 1000 to get anything.