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I think the expectation of getting all goods isn’t a super bad idea, however I dislike that someone can get mostly all goods, then fairs in 2 categories and it’s a fail.

Good is the expected bar someone should reach, and what I consider what the “average” character should be. Fair and below are used to tell someone that they need development, and I suppose the qualities you need and what is considered “average” should be better outlined in the criteria.

People are going to fail with fair, but they aren’t going to fail with fair because they missed ninja tools or didn’t use any, or some other arbitrary category like shop jutsu. Having goods in freebie categories like ranj jutsu, ninja tools and general jutsu should be expected, but some players don’t even reach that far.

I still haven’t really found an example where players are reaching all goods and have fairs in 2 categories and failed. Evo has mostly fairs, and a bit of bads in his second-to-last test, heavily outnumbering the amount of goods he had. His next test, he passed with all goods.