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I along with other players beg the question of why someone like him wouldn’t be able to get a character when they’re better than like 90% of the server. You saying that only helps with my point about the system being a bit weird. A successful player being known as one of the best, yet not good enough for a player seems a bit odd. The meaning of good has a lot of meanings. Good isn’t good enough is how it seems to be in this case.

I feel like you’re basing part of Zawadi’s skill off the tournament a little, and we also can’t tell what he needs to work on before he tests. Winning tournaments or fighting against players who are very unskilled or are not making great use of their full kit or crutching IS NOT indicative of the skill you need to pass. EricZeBaws got second place in that tournament, there were tons of genin and chunin in that tournament, he couldn’t hit anything or do well in the character test and died fast.

Zawadi is a decent player, but he also needs a lot of work. Being able to beat other players, when many players are also still learning or new to the game, is not what should define you as a character.