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While I do agree the character system is flawed. I think it is beyond a point of repair at this point. I know death does not want to hear this type of take but unfortunately at this point I think an entire rework of the character system is in order. I think almost all players (active) besides maybe Akito agree the character system is extremely inaccurate in judging skill. When I was practicing for Deidara I purposefully stalled against players that were not good to use them as target practice for planet splitter and thundering sphere. I think I am the last person to have gotten a character besides Poor/Akito in what has been probably 4 months. The time might have been longer but I have only been active on the server for about 4 months. It’s not even a matter of being good at PVP with the tests honestly. It becomes a test of accuracy, and if your kit does not have hard-to-hit jutsu such as thundering or planet splitter then you will have a much better time passing than other players using harder kits. Just by “lowering the standards” you make characters seem much easier to obtain than they actually should be. If it were just fairs and goods I would have passed on my second or third try when honestly I do not think I deserved the role yet. It’s much like in other games, you may be good at pub-stomping but that does not mean you are gonna get a top rank in placements. Now this may seem condescending but it is important to realize, a lot of players play the game and completely auto-pilot while doing so. I’d say this is what separates the mid-level players from the higher level players. It’s important to recognize if someone is GOOD with the kit provided and using it in the way it was intended which Death does do, to an extent. (The only exception should be the kage and 7SM since they are not named characters) While my opinion only matters so much I do think it is important that we recognize how catastrophically inaccurate and sometimes unfair the character system can feel or be. It is redundant to fail someone for missing 1 or 2 jutsu if they can succeed without it. While I do think characters should be strenuous and a difficult to obtain I do not think the system used or level needed to get one is healthy for the server. Unfortunately it is hard to know who genuinely wants to make the server better by lowering standards for characters and who is only an advocate because they themselves have not been able to get a character as of recent.