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there is a team deathmatch event similar to the great ninja war thing you’re talking about, if there are two characters in an event ((very rare)) and we can manage to have one on each side, it’s a cool event, but there are very few characters, and even fewer that like to participate in events, even ones rewarded with store perks. other than that team deathmatch events with normal players are hosted regularly, just without that crystal thing you’re referring to

there isnt a lore, so none of that kage death RP stuff, wouldn’t be good for the game loop, would be damaging because it’s already a challenge to get a character, not many of them.

i am already creating event-exclusive rewards, i.e, pets, event weapon skins, money, and anything else i can jampack into a crate, events would reward crate keys. players can still look&feel different from other players through a variety of different means

jutsu rewards from events are not happening, regardless of how it’s phrased or if we have the resources to make it happen. you need to earn more jutsu by becoming a character. it is tough, but not impossible by any means. applying a little effort goes a long way, and people who are already characters arent godlike, they just tried hard, did what was asked of them, and passed after a handful of attempts.