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People who reset from exam ranks frequently are punished through a set of warnings that do not go away, but can be appealed if the person has good behavior. This prevents them from resetting from their next exam rank in risk of being banned from exams for a handful of days. If a player gets exam banned, it is kind of like a strike system and they have to wait even longer in between resetting to not get additional warnings or exam bans. More can be learned about this system in the #exams channel of our Discord.

Also, I have tried splitting exams between veterans and newer players before and most of the time, there just aren’t enough players to support both. While we have a decent player population now, this is not always consistent, and we would inevitably run into issues where we couldn’t host one or both exams, making it impossible for either side to rank up.

Marching to the suggestions thread and getting triggered is not going to get your suggestion listened to, so hop off with the, “before you shut me down please just hear me out,” nonsense. While players resetting are annoying, you could also try getting better at the game.