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NOTE: Tested and graded by Bummer, I just had to post it.

  • Clan
    • ███ BAD
      • White Snake Bearer
        • You used this quite a few times during the test and you had decent accuracy with it. Try to use it a little less though.
          Make sure you have better planning with this jutsu as well. Hit me with it while I have no where to go or no movement jutsus.
      • Red Banded Snake
        • You used this a few times, you can use this to mess up my aim.
          Keep in mind you don’t want to hit me while I am knocked up with this jutsu. This jutsu can also be used for engaging make sure you try to use it more this way.
      • Striking Shadow Snakes
        • This jutsu was used a good amount of times during our test just make sure you don’t use it too much.
          Just keep in mind this jutsu can be used to bait out my movement jutsus.
          After you bait out my movement with this jutsu it will be very easy for you to continue pressuring me.
      • Multiple Striking Shadow Snakes
        • This jutsu was used a lot of times during our test, just make sure you aren’t forgetting about the rest of your kit.
          Also please keep in mind that you shouldn’t chain this with other jutsus in your kit. There were definitely times when this jutsu was followed up with a few other jutsus in your kit. Just be careful of that.
          This jutsu does a lot of damage so make sure you are patient when using this. Try to practice more with this so you can have a higher chance of hitting it in the future.
  • Chakra Nature
    • ███ BAD
      • Wind Release: Swirling Vacuum
        • This jutsu wasn’t used as much during our test. Try to use it more.
          This jutsu does a very good job of messing up my aim so keep that in mind.
          You can also use this jutsu to prevent me pressuring you.
          Please don’t pair this jutsu with others in your kit.
      • Wind Release: Gale Palm
        • This jutsu was used okay during our test, try to work on your accuracy with this.
          Keep in mind that this jutsu can be used to stop my momentum for a short amount of time. Use it when I am pressuring you with something like Phoenix Flower.
          Make sure you aren’t too far away either when using this. You want to be close.
      • Wind Release: Whirlwind Fist
        • Your aim could be a lot better with this.
          Try not to be too far away when using this as it causes you to miss frequently.
          Use this as to prevent me from pressuring you.
          This can also be a good engage, but make sure you aren’t engaging with it always.
      • Lightning Release: Static Impolsion
        • You didn’t use this too much during our test so I would like to see it be used more.
          Keep in mind that this jutsu does have a slow so try to use it to bait out my movement or change the pace of the fight even.
      • Lightning Release: Spider Web
        • This jutsu was used a few times but at times you were far away from me when using it.
          This jutsu can be used to punish me for playing to aggressive.
          This can also be used to bait out my movement jutsus.
      • Ligtning Release: Thundering Sphere
        • You used this jutsu quite a few times, a little too much in each fight.
          Make me use movement jutsu before trying to use this.
          Try to corner me when you are using this, block off my exists.
          Mix up how you use this so it doesn’t become too predictable. This jutsu can change the outcome of the fight if it does hit.
  • Nature Kekkei Genkai
    • ███ BAD
      • Polarity Release: Gaseous Discharge
        • This was used a few times during the test. But most of the time I was able to run from it.
          This jutsu can force me into using my movement jutsu.
          This can also push me back which sets up a good engage for you.
      • Polarity Release: Ion Bolt
        • You used this a few times but never hit it.
          You need to work on hitting this jutsu more consistently.
          Keep in mind I have to be stuck in this jutsu for a good duration for it to do maximum damage, make sure I don’t have leaps or anything that can get me away from it.
      • Polarity Release: Supercharged Jolt
        • You used this jutsu a lot and made it very easy to counter.
          Try to cover as much area as possible when you use this jutsu.
          This jutsu is also very useful for baiting out my movement.
  • Rank
    • ███ BAD
      • Tanto
        • You used this once or twice, you don’t necessarily have to use it a lot but it can be useful if used properly.
          Dont try to chain it with another jutsu either please.
      • Ninja Art: Paralyzing Kunai
        • You landed this once on me and it did a good job of stopping the momentum I had.
          Use this when I am pressuring you or if you want to cancel one of my attacks.
          This can let you get closer to me if you hit me, or you can use it position yourself.
      • Ninja Art Silencing Seal, Secret Stealth
        • Silencing seal is similar to Paralyzing Kunai. Use it to get closer or to reposition.
          For Secret Stealth make sure you aren’t using it with jutsus either.
      • Afterimage dash, Chakra Dash, Teleportation
        • This jutsus all work in similar ways they are good for avoiding my attacks or disengaging.
          Try not to use Afterimage dash with jutsus either. You would sometimes do that.
          Make sure you don’t waste your movement jutsus early on either. You should save them to reposition or engaging.
  • General
    • ███ BAD
      • Ninja Art: Kunai Volley
        • You used this a few times during our test.
          You can use this to defuse my Sharingan or even just attack me for the extra damage.
      • Green Roar
        • You didn’t use it too often during our test but when you did it was pretty effective.
          You can also use this to defuse my Sharingan or to even get a little bit of extra space for yourself.
      • Ninja Art: Explosive Kunai
        • It wasn’t used too much which is fine, but this jutsu can mess up my aim as well.
  • Ninja Tool
    • ███ BAD
      • Paperbomb
        • You used this a few times, this can be a good tool for baiting out my movement jutsus or even messing up my aim.
      • Kunai Shuriken
        • These weren’t used as much as I hoped for.
          These can also help you re-engage into a fight.
  • Playstyle
    • ███ BAD
        • I think you have a pretty okay playstyle but it is a little weird with your setup. Keep in mind you have a lot of jutsus in your kit that need to be used agressively. You can’t play passive all the time.
          Overall you need to work on your accuracy with each jutsu, as well as stopping yourself from chaining jutsus together. It’s one of your bigger issues.
  • Sequence
    • ███ BAD
        • Once again, try not to use jutsu on knockups.
          Work on trying to bait out my movement jutsu as well. I noticed I almost always had my dashes or teleports to escape from threatening jutsus like Ion Bolt or Thundering Sphere.
  • Balance
    • ███ BAD
        • Overall you should work on your entire kit. You used everything in your kit but not effectively. Make sure everything in your kit is used at the proper time.
          Sometimes I think you forget about your ANBU jutsus as well, they can be very useful so try to use them just as much as the rest of your kit.
          Please work on not pairing jutsus with eachother and please work on not hitting me with other jutsus while I am knocked up.

If you have any more questions, feel free to ask here. I am more than willing to clarify anything I have posted here. Thank you.