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“hard to hit the other player and if its explosion doest srike perfectly it doest deal damage at all. So i would like it to have a little better range, to push the enemy a little and to be easier to catsh th enemy by having a better explosion” Fireball jutsu can curve so you can hit it better it also deals 3 hearts again you can curve it to make it have longer range. For Phoenix flower jutsu you can also curve this jutsu its a bit harder to curve because how short it is. Also its very hard to run away from Phoenix flower jutsu because it gives a heavy slow you should use this jutsu to catch movement jutsu. “it doesn’t really works that great because after the enemy strikes then it teleports you and some times it teleports you in places that might not help you.” Thats why you need to time when you use sharingan to your advantage.  I also don’t think we should add it so you can left click and look to teleport you this will be extremely broken. Also the sharingan in the show doesn’t really have the ability to teleport. There is another ability to sharingan if your in a ten block range and someone hits you they get blinded and slowed.