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I agree with hiro on this. Clan diversity was at an all time low when Uchiha was an option, personally I like the way we have now. Its comfortable and a better experience playing the server with multiple different clans being used. Before Uchiha was locked I logged in I had to see all these new players pick a clan they weren’t good at/wouldn’t get good at. Most people would look at Bummer and see that he is a strong Uchiha. Same thing goes for kyle, even for those that aren’t figure heads of the server. 1GreenWhale is a good example, he seems decent with his kit and fighting him is fun. Before that I would get irritated because it wasn’t a rare or even uncommon occurrence to see these clans being used. Your sake of the Uchiha characters is a bit ridiculous. Right now as it is we have next to no one getting characters, we have multiple other characters for people to test for too aside from Uchiha. As Hoster the magnitude of players that would pick the clan just to reset when they lost was astounding. Now I see those with clans I have never saw used before and it brings a more enjoyable experience to the server. I understand where your coming from, but having Uchiha characters/clan locked was a good idea. Because I fear that once it gets unlocked everyone who is an interesting clan will leave that diversity for a more simple clan basis.