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Red i totally get where you are coming from with the diversity and different clans which is why i do think there should be some form of restriction on Uchiha and how you pick it. What that form is i do not know, and as for the characters i understand what you mean but having such important and well liked characters being uchiha makes it a slight issue. I agree that locking it was a good idea at the time but currently we do not get an unmanageable amount of new players and i would be supportive of a nerf to uchiha so that it discourages people from picking it just cause it seems strong. but when some people are Uchiha because they joined on the right day or have been inactive for a long time it is a bit unfair that now they get to experience something few others can. Even if you need specific perms to pick it then that still is good. I don’t want a new flood of uchiha but i truly think it deserves to be an option under certain circumstances.