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Thank you for the suggestion and I would hate to disappoint anyone, but, the original leader system was a lot like this, where people at max rank in a clan could challenge another clan member with the same clan to become the clan leader, or they would take the role if no one was in the clan, getting a cosmetic clan leader tag in chat.

  • Trying to incentivize being a clan leader when there are 85 different clans and giving them unique rewards requires a lot of resources that would take away from more important development like clan/kekkei redos, character jutsu changes, new clans, and generally running the server. Reskinning other parts of the server as unique rewards would not be a strong enough incentivization, but even then would take a lot out of the server to do. As things stand, I would be the one stuck with the burden of making original cosmetics/content for 85 clan leader roles, no one else would have the expertise to for a very long time even if they volunteered to help. Even if the cosmetics/content was implemented on a per leader basis, again, it would take too much away from existing projects.
  • There are probably less than ten clans on the server that have more than one Jounin in it, and it has been like this even when we had a Leader system previously. Giving players rewards for simply being the only Jounin in a clan would be silly, making them challenge one another doesn’t help to bridge the gap between normal players and characters, there will be very few occasions where they are going to need to do this and they won’t be fighting at an extremely competitive level. Essentially, players are still bottom feeding and aren’t improving with this system. There are not enough people at max exam rank in each clan for a system like this to help make players practice more and be better with their kits and clans.