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Hi, Sam.

Thank you for taking your time to make an application. From what you have put down, you are fairly new to the community and I do not think that being on the server for a week is going to show much for the commitment you would need to have for the server as a staff member. Current staff members have been with our community a while before making an application to become staff and I encourage all applicants to follow suite. Though, about the content in your application itself, I feel like your application does not say very much about your experience with Java development. Even if you are going to school for it, plugin creation is a whole different ball game. You do not really offer much to say about your experience with plugin development other than the assertion that you make Java-coded software for your own server and that you have worked for the Crafting Dead server. While you have made claims on your experience, I think the most important part of a staff application is commitment to the server for a long period of time, and most of all, content to back up your claims. I would have to see some of the plugin work you have done for me to consider your application, but given that you are very new, I think we should wait to see how your activity and presence on our services develops before that time comes.

tl;dr, your application for a Java developer position has been denied. I hope to see you on our services, and again, thank you for taking the time to make an application.