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You are not stuck permanently as a character. You would know this if you read the character document. You are required to be active in a character position for three months or if you want to reset before it, until someone passes the character test to take your position, whether you train them or not.

Not to mention, some character jutsu are redone or created after someone becomes the character. All characters that require testing currently have jutsu, but certain characters will receive updates on jutsu if a person gets it. Putting jutsu on a spotlight when many are going to be redone may incentivise a specific set of characters, but will not create a demand for all characters. We work hard on jutsu provided to characters so I’m sure people won’t be dissapointed when they get their redos. If anything, this will have the opposite effect from what you want.

Picking a character based on the jutsu provided is a negative incentivization regardless. The jutsu are material and decay in value as the person is in the position. I think it would be better to incentivize what can be done as the character rather than what comes with the character as the character jutsu are event exclusive. The jutsu does not make the character, the user does.

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  • This reply was modified 1 year, 8 months ago by Deathdusk.