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    Recently I’ve noticed that there is a large amount of chunin waiting for the jounin days to attempt to join jounin exams however with how populated the server is at these times it becomes quite hard to actually get into the exam with all the people camping out the timer. Now that’s not a bad thing however it just feelsbadman when you wait all day to get into an exam only to be beat out by either someone who just got chunin or a reset warrior.
    I think that it would be a good idea to change the server’s last exam of the day on jounin days, aka the 10:00 PM Est Chunin exams into a jounin exams, Not only would this give all the chunin who’ve been attempting to get jounin for weeks another shot to get it but its also more friendly to non-NA timezones such as the New Zealand timezone, at this time it would be 3:00 PM for them. It would also not take away from the other exams that are hosted on Jounin days as at 12 PM is a chunin exam, 4 PM is a spec nin exam, and 8 PM is a medical ninja exam, changing the last exam from an additional chunin to a jounin would still have an exam of every type hosted on jounin days.

    I genuinely think this would be very pog and a good change for the server that would help disperse some saltiness in the community.


    Meant to say 5PM new zealand time lol


    talked over discord, tl;dr NZ times are 18 hours ahead, would need a better solution than a single time change
    9 jounin exams per week is a lot as is, id say the core problem with exams is reseters which we are trying to take care of

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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