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    This is ___South___. Aka Dakota. I would like my ban to be appealed on the Naruto server. I don’t mean Ty’s, I mean my own. I don’t plan to appeal for his ban anymore because I know you feel about it. But I promised I wouldn’t appeal for his ban anymore, and you blocked me afterwards which was understandable, and yet you banned me. I found out a week ago because I wanted to get on to try and get back in the groove of Naruto servers. And I said- “BloodCraft was one of my favorite servers.” It was sad to see I was banned, so hence I would like for my ban to be appealed if you would do me this.

    https://mine.ly/___South___.3 <– My NameMC profile.


    I got very tired of telling you that your friend was not going to be unbanned. We had several encounters where the answer was the same and your unwillingness to take no for an answer is what got you banned. I have a very strong gut feeling that this is another sly attempt to ban appeal/evade on his behalf and you’re giving me no reason to think otherwise.


    You’ll be given one chance. We will be watching.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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