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    I feel like a chat plugin with different channels and other features would be useful in many ways. if this was added you would be able to join a channel with only certain people if maybe you’re doing a mission with or something. This would also be incredibly useful for events as players could join chats specifically for their team and they will be able to coordinate attacks or strategy. Many chat plugins also offer moderation tools which could help the staff immensely. There are tons of plugins already out there that could work for this so a plugin developer would not be necessary, one good plugin that could be used is hero chat but there are tons of different ones.

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    I just realized after making this that herochat is already on the server, so I think more channels should be added other than global.


    herochat is buggy and players had a history of being poopoo brain, getting themselves stuck in channels and spamming for help until they left

    i used to have a couple channels

    maybe ill replace herochat eventually, and our chat filter, havent spent time doing it since most chat plugins and filters require heavy configuration, regex knowledge, not really a concern

    for now guilds have an exclusive chat and you can coordinate boss stuff in discord VC

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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