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    What is your full Minecraft username? AlwaysRed
    What character position are you attempting to combat test for? 7SM Nuibari
    What clan are you? Yuki
    What rank are you? Anbu
    What chakra natures do you have? Water + Wind
    What nature kekkei genkai do you have? Ice

    I would like to schedule for Saturday next week (anytime)

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    We’ll probably do 6PM EST then on next Saturday, given you have the practice


    Sounds good




    • Clan
      • ███ BAD
        • Ice Release: Shattering Ice Spear
          • It seems like you can only hit this when enemies are constantly running at you. It is very avoidable if you only wait for your enemy to engage you. You need to think of more ways to use this.
          • While this is a good jutsu for punishing your enemy for getting in range, it will not work against players that understand the range of your kit. You can also engage with this jutsu, kind of like an opener or first strike. This will give you an opening for continuous attacks.
        • Ice Release: Icicle Swallow
          • You struggle hitting this jutsu, regardless of where I am, but you should get closer when trying to use it. You also need to improve your accuracy when using this jutsu.
            • Track me with your cursor and keep walking toward me as each shot is fired to have an easier time hitting the jutsu.
          • This jutsu is also good for forcing me into using movement jutsu.
        • Ice Release: Ice Prison
          • You strayed from using this jutsu a bit, which was odd. You can use this jutsu in plenty of situations but you avoided it.
            • Try to use it closer to me if you have trouble hitting it, but remember that it is used in response to something, so you have to know when to use it.
          • This jutsu is good at stopping attacks/engaging or disengaging. It is an effective counter to jutsu like Sharingan as well and can sometimes mess up my aim.
        • Ice Release: Iceberg Smasher
          • You used this a handful of times, but like Ice Release: Shattering Ice Spear, it is avoidable unless your opponent is constantly running at you.
          • You can use this under your opponent, but also try placing it around or behind them so that they step into it.
          • You can use this when your enemy is cornered or if they are landing from a movement jutsu.
            • These methods work better when your enemy does not have movement jutsu left to dodge it.
    • Chakra Nature
      • ███ POOR
        • Wind Release: Swirling Vacuum
          • You may of used this a few times, but not often or well enough to make an impact on our fights.
          • This jutsu is good at preventing me from engaging or disengaging.
          • This jutsu can mess up my aim from mid-range, just as long as you are not too close.
        • Wind Release: Gale Palm
          • You may of hit this a few times, but your accuracy was not good.
            • You should get closer when using this and keep your cursor fixed on me while activating it for better accuracy. You kind of have to shoot where I am going.
          • You can also engage with this jutsu, kind of like an opener or first strike. This will give you an opening for continuous attacks.
        • Wind Release: Whirlwind Fist
          • You may of hit this a few times, but your accuracy and situations where you used it were not good. This did not help you in our fights.
            • You should make sure you are somewhat close-ranged when using this, track your target with your cursor.
          • When using this, it works well as a counter. This jutsu is good at stopping attacks/engaging or disengaging.
        • Water Release: Bullet Ball Barrage
          • You used this jutsu a few times, but it was not very effective. You need to find better methods of using this jutsu.
          • You tend to stand in one place or isolate yourself when using this jutsu.
            • This jutsu, functionally, is a net that catches movement jutsu from the puddles it places on the ground.
            • This jutsu works better when you are moving, but not chasing your target. You do not want to be too close to them and you always want to be observant while using it.
              • You want to spread the jutsu across the field and take a step back when your enemy tries to engage you so that they are punished for trying. This will either bait or force your enemy into using movement jutsu, especially to escape.
        • Water Release: Water Fang Bullet
          • You used this a bit, but it was not used well or accurately, resulting in it not hitting.
            • It seemed a little unfocused  and random (in a bad way) when you used this jutsu. You need to think of methods of hitting it.
            • Make sure you are aware of this jutsu’s potential range. It can be placed farther than expected, which can lead to better positioning on your placements and better shots.
          • Try multiple tricks for attempting to hit the jutsu. If you keep trying to hit the jutsu in the same way, it will become predictable and easy to avoid.
            • Try to be stealthy with how you use it. It is smaller, so you can try placing it to the left, right, or behind me so that I end up running into it.
            • If you are close to me and I am charging chakra, I may not have the reaction time to avoid the jutsu hitting me.
            • If I use a movement jutsu or if you predict I am going to engage you, try to place it where I will land or in my path. I may end up landing in it.
            • If I am at the edge of the arena, you could try pinning me against the wall with this jutsu, sealing off my exits, with you possibly landing it.
              • Always remember that hitting moves like these is more possible when I am out of movement jutsu to escape them. When trying tricks to hit this jutsu, keep that in mind.
        • Water Release: Hydro Bomb
          • You used this a handful of times, but your accuracy and methods of hitting it were not great, so you didn’t hit it often, if at all.
            • You need to get very close when using this. Try to figure how the max distance the jutsu can travel and attempt to hit it at that distance each time.
            • Inch toward me while the jutsu is activating so that you can keep within the range to hit the jutsu.
            • Remember that this jutsu curves slightly under the control of your cursor, so quick snaps can make it easier to land the jutsu if you are tracking your target the entire time it is travelling.
    • Nature Kekkei Genkai
      • ███ BAD
        • Ice Release: Chains of Earthen Ice
          • I don’t think you used this much, so it didn’t do much in the test.
            • This jutsu is good at slowing me down if I am trying to engage you, keeping me out of your area.
            • This jutsu is good for forcing me into using my movement jutsu.
          • Make sure you are careful for jutsu like Sharingan as this jutsu can do fake damage, which triggers Sharingan still.
        • Ice Release: Ice-Breaking Sledgehammer
          • You hit this a bit, but you didn’t use it too well. Your accuracy of this jutsu was a little rough, so it resulted in you missing it a bit.
            • This jutsu is sometimes good when you engage by creating pressure from its slowing ground effect and damage.
              • Make sure that this jutsu does not become your only source of damage. Sometimes, I felt like this was the only thing you dealt damage with, which is also rough if you don’t hit it often either.
              • With that in mind, this jutsu is good for forcing your enemy into using movement jutsu and as an opener, forcing your enemy to disengage.
        • Ice Release: Ice-Breaking Fist
          • You may of used this jutsu a bit, but it was not effective during our fights.
            • You should be very close to your enemy when using this, activating it without having to chase them.
              • If you activate this too far away or you need to chase them, it is wasting the duration it is out for. You need to be close from the moment it activates and you need to keep up with your enemy.
            • This jutsu is very good at creating pressure that forces them into using movement jutsu.
              • Enemies will want to avoid repeated hits from this jutsu, and you want to deliver repeated hits to force them into using movement jutsu to escape.
    • Rank
      • ███ BAD
        • Tanto
          • I don’t remember you using this, you might of though so here are some notes, not required. This is good for countering and defusing your enemy’s incoming attacks if I am at close-range.
        • Ninja Art: Silencing Seal
          • You didn’t use this too often or well, but it would be good for cancelling incoming abilities.
        • Ninja Art: Paralyzing Kunai
          • This jutsu is good for cancelling abilities from a distance, but it wasn’t really used that way, or hit.
        • Chakra Dash, Afterimage Dash & Teleportation
          • Make sure you aren’t dashing or teleporting with jutsu as this is wasteful.
          • Make sure that you use your movement jutsu to dodge and get within range to hit your kit. You kind of outdistance your kit or aren’t careful to stay in the fight when you use a movement jutsu.
            • Things like teleporting behind me aren’t always useful.
    • General
      • ███ BAD
        • Ninja Art: Explosive Kunai
          • Not hit too often, but this is good to punish me when I am engaging, evading, or stand still.
        • Ninja Art: Kunai Volley
          • This jutsu is good for forcing me back if I am trying to engage/attack, not hit often.
        • Green Roar
          • This jutsu is good for forcing me back if I am trying to attack/engage or to make me miss, not sure if you used it that way.
    • Ninja Tool
      • ███ BAD
        • Paperbomb
          • Not hit often, but good for forcing me into using movement jutsu or messing up my aim.
        • Kunai/Shuriken
          • Not hit often, but these can help you get within range, bridge times between cooldowns, good for incremental damage.
    • Playstyle
      • ███ BAD
        • You tend to rely on people running into most of your kit, which doesn’t work well against skilled players or people who know your kit. It’s very easy to adjust against this and counter you.
        • You hesitate when engaging so a lot of your kit isn’t hit or used at times. You need to be more offensive and react to what your opponent uses. You don’t counter or respond to attacks enough to be effective.
    • Sequence
      • ███ BAD
        • You have a lot of jutsu that pressure and counter or bait and force movement jutsu in your kit, but you don’t keep those active. You need to actively create pressure or force movement jutsu in your kit to be effective.
          • Building pressure, forcing movement jutsu, and countering are important steps to making your opponent less effective, giving you opening for hard hitters.
    • Balance
      • ███ POOR
        • You tend to forget about jutsu that are outside the range you can hit them in, like Special Ninja jutsu, Chains of Earthen Ice, Ice Prison, and other smaller parts of your kit.
        • Try not to overuse jutsu like Water Fang Bullet as it makes them more predictable. Stick to using them at max 2-3 times per fight with the goal of hitting it once every other fight or so. Switch up how you use it to not make it obvious.
        • Make sure that everything that you are using in your kit is being practiced and used equally, don’t put too much focus into one thing, one or two jutsu don’t make the kit, must be well rounded.
          • You rely a little much on Ice-Breaking Sledgehammer, even though you have trouble hitting it at times. You should reduce how often you use that.
    ███ ONE WEEK

    If you have any more questions, feel free to ask here. I am more than willing to clarify anything I have posted here. Thank you.

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