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    I My nick is Taii__ and I was banned sometime in 2018. The reason I was banned is for “Arguing and being rude to a staff member after a disqualification exam, toxicity.

    II Now, I would very much like to say what happened. This was actually a little misunderstanding, but the ban was deserved, and this is how it started. I played on the server with MaskOfObito and we talked about who was stronger than who. I said that I was stronger than Keelur and Keelur did respond to it with no, then I started the fight with him and exaggerated because I was very brave, but the misunderstanding was that I did not participate in the exams and I think that they were not at that time, but I was toxic and then I was banned for toxicity too.

    I apologize for my behavior and for everyone who felt uncomfortable because of me. I did not notice it then because I thought I was right but I was wrong. I really did not play enough on this server. I had many great memories, I met two friends with whom I have still been talking to for years, and they play the same, but I do not mind that I can not play with them because I did something like this. I truly promise that I will not do such things anymore because what I understood through this time is that it’s not difficult to follow the rules. I think I was very stupid because I allowed myself to lose control and become toxic.

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    I need to take into account that you were banned once, you ban appealed, and then you got banned again. It’s a tough stride to unban someone who has been banned multiple times, especially with a ban appeal, and mistakes in the past with unbanning repeat offenders has hurt our community greatly. This is your second ban appeal and appealing signifies that you are aware of the actions you have committed to get banned in the first place, and that you wouldn’t do such actions again. You’ve already failed to show that sentiment once. I will bring this up with the staff team, but I’m unsure of where this will go at the end of the day.

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    Our staff members have decided that your ban appeal will not be accepted. You have broken our trust by breaking the promise made in the first ban appeal and so we do not think that you should be allowed to use our services at this point.

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