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    Yea so, I was looking to find some naruto Minecraft servers about 2 years back with some friends just to have a good time. One of these friends was super toxic and yes it was my fault for allowing him to participate, but he was a childhood friend and sometimes those things can be difficult. Anyway, he took it all as a joke and just wanted to troll the entire time, throughout the entire time I told him to stop. He was just upsetting everyone so the staff got tired of it, but before he got banned he was just like, “also yea Masmerator and (other friend) are with me so take that.” I don’t remember partaking in any of the stuff he was pulling, but if I did I do apologize because it’s just such an inappropriate thing to do when people are just trying to enjoy a community and such.

    I appreciate any consideration and I’m just lookin’ for some fun with common interests so I hope this can get accepted.
    – Masmerator

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    You will be provided one chance.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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