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    Hello, I was originally banned around two summers ago. The reasoning of my ban was because of consistent bad behavior and disrespect. Over the past two years I have learned a lot and acknowledged all my mistakes. Back then I was just a reckless thirteen year old who didn’t really have much self care and wasn’t really cautious about what I was doing, I was impulsive and was quick to act causing a lot of issues on the server. Now that I am almost sixteen I have learned quite a lot and I believe I have redeemed myself.

    To start off I would like to say why I was banned; I had bad in-game behavior which had a big impact on my ban, another reason that played a part in my ban was consistent arguing with staff members as well as going onto a different server and making look Bloodcraft look bad just because of my actions on another server. I would also like to start off by apologizing to all the staff members that I had disrespect and argued with constantly, as well as all the other players I had argued with on the server.

    It’s been almost over two summers and a lot has changed, I would personally like to acknowledge everything that I have done and I admit to mistakes. I would also like to take a bit of time explaining my side and saying that I have changed as a person, as well as providing some points as to why I should be unbanned. First off I would like to say I have changed a lot as a person, I promise that I am not the same impulsive kid that I was two years ago and that I have stopped doing stuff that would make me or others look bad. I have matured over time and I believe that I have turned over a new leaf. I would also like to say that during this ban I have learned a lot about myself as a person and I realized that the stuff I was doing two years ago was unacceptable and terrible of me, I have learned to be more cautious and care more about what others say. I never intended to hurt anyone or disrespect anyone but it happened and I am terribly sorry for what my actions have done. I know most people may not want to give me a chance or want to see my change but I can promise you that in these two years I have learned a lot as a human being, we all make mistakes at the end of the day and learn from them. The first time I wrote a ban appeal it wasn’t so great but I had learned from that. I know how I am as a person and I can assure you that I have changed. Overall I strongly believe that I have changed as a person, I am no longer the same impulsive kid that I was two years ago and I am very very sorry for everything that I have done.

    All in all I am very sorry for everything I have done and I can promise that I have changed, two years was enough time to help me learn to not act impulsively, it was also a good amount of time to learn to control myself and to control my anger and emotions. I have took these two years pretty seriously considering I am writing all of this. If there is anything you would like to talk about with me or would like anything for me to do my discord is: tobias#9024, I am willing to take time to work things out and talk over this.


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    We’ll discuss this ban appeal within the staff team.


    The staff team has decided that you should be unbanned. You likely don’t have any of the stuff you did prior to your ban. Your eligibility to go for a character will be determined by whether you are active on the server or not. If you are active, you should be on enough to be eligible to go for a character. If you aren’t active, you probably don’t want one anyway. There just isn’t a way to be inactive and going for a character at the same time. Being a character requires activity, so being character banned is all dependent on whether or not you take advantage of the opportunity you have been given to play the server again.

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