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    What is your in-game username?
    Right now it’s _NeisGamerYT_ but I’ll be changing it in a few days (bought a used account), I’ll be changing it to the same name as in the forums “Xirumy”

    What is your age?

    What is your timezone?
    BRT (1 hour late of EST)

    Where can we contact you?
    Forum, E-mail, Discord, Facebook, you name it.

    How long have you played on our server and how active are you?
    I’ve just started on the server, so I’ve only played for a few hours, planning to become a very active member.

    How often would you be able to work?
    Anytime you need.

    What is your experience with building?
    Been playing Minecraft for 10 years now (played the first beta Notch ever releases when it was called caves game and all that), I have been staff into some servers back in the day, but that has been years ago. I am very experienced with building with both vanilla and world edit (tho I don’t like using world edit to be honest)

    What tools, plugins, mods, or resources do you use to build?
    When building for myself and for fun, I try to stick with vanilla minecraft most of the time, but I do use Chisel and Bits for some stuff, and have used world edit a lot, but again, not a fan of world edit.

    Why do you want to apply for this position?
    Well, as awell as wanting to help expand the server map, I love building, It’s my favorite part of Minecraft, and I love Naruto too, been watching and re watching (plus reading the manga) so many times that I lost count, so I think it would be a lot of fun recreating one of the fantasy worlds I love the most.

    Can you show us images of creations you have made in the past?
    Not really. I’ve stayed without access to a computer for a couple of years back, so I lost all I used to have (never saved it online, wich sucks) But if you guys are willing to, you may give me some tests and tasks to see If i’m capable enough for your needs.

    Lastly I apologize for any grammar/english mistakes as english is not my first language.

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    You are very new to the server and we rarely accept new-player applicants for our projects. Our project has a strict requirement of WorldEdit knowledge and optionally (but still vital) VoxelSniper and GoBrush/GoPaint. While we do need help with the project, we typically only accept applicants if they’re committed to the server for a while first.

    The application requires that you submit creations you’ve made in the past so that we can judge your fit into the team. If you do not submit your creations, there is nothing we can judge you on.

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