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    This is something I was wondering about for a while now, and I know it’d take a while, and potentially not even satisfy some players, but what if in the character info section [] you include the jutsu and or items the characters recieve. For the players who constantly beg you (Deathdusk) or Yamii to know what specific characters have, you can just list off the jutsu for each and include a small description. This obviously wouldn’t satisfy the beggars who constantly ask to see jutsu, but it’d give people a general idea of what the characters they have want. Obviously you wouldn’t have the time to record a video of the jutsu for every character, but I suppose this could be something to work on if you ever had time/wanted to. It isn’t really importan though, just a thought that’d possibly put you and Yamii at ease.


    I want to do this when characters have their jutsu redone completely, maybe put it in some type of GUI. Haven’t really found the details out yet.

    I also want to add small descriptions to clan jutsu when they’re redone completely, haven’t figured that out yet either.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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