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    What is your full Minecraft username? Levius__
    What character position are you attempting to combat test for? 7 Tails
    What clan are you? Kirakabu
    What rank are you? Jounin
    What chakra natures do you have? Lightning and Wind
    What nature kekkei genkai do you have? Polarity Release

    I would like to test on thursday around 4PM if possible.


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    4PM today sounds good.



    • Clan
      • ███ FAIR
        • Fan Slash
          • You can be accurate with this jutsu, but at times you just aim where I am standing rather than using the time before it activates to position and aim where I am running to. The less accurate you are, the easy this is to avoid.
        • Scale Storm
          • You hit this jutsu sometimes, but you often were too far away to land it completely.
          • You can use this to punish me for playing too close.
        • Shining Downstroke
          • You weren’t very accurate at hitting this jutsu.
          • Please check how your camera influences how far this jutsu can shoot. A lot of the time you used it, you shot past me or before me and it seems like you can get more accurate with this jutsu.
            • If this is the case, also try to aim where I will be, not where I am when you use it.
        • Scale Blast
          • You hit this once but every other time you missed this jutsu because of how far you were away.
          • Try to have more movement as you’re leaping to land this jutsu. You may be able to inch toward me to ensure a hit.
          • This jutsu is very effective at cancelling abilities like Sharingan. Please use it in consideration that you can cancel pesky jutsu.
    • Chakra Nature
      • ███ BAD
        • Wind Release: Swirling Vacuum
          • You used this once in one of our fights, maybe unintentionally, but it didn’t help you in any way.
          • You can use this to punish my need to get close to hit my jutsu by keeping me in place.
          • You can use this to mess up my aim.
        • Wind Release: Gale Palm
          • You seemingly only used this for extra damage.
          • You can punish me for coming close to you by pushing me away, allowing you to follow up with other jutsu.
        • Wind Release: Whirlwind Fist
          • Used a lot but only as extra damage.
          • You could of stopped me from chaining you with jutsu by stunning me.
          • A good way to engage from mid-range.
          • You can stop movement with this jutsu in case I am outspeeding you.
        • Lightning Release: Static Implosion
          • Not hit often.
          • Practice aiming where your target is running, treat this like a wall.
          • Make use of how far the jutsu can be placed, it has a large range.
        • Lightning Release: Spider Web
          • You used this so often that it hurt your overall performance.
          • This jutsu is good for punishing people who are too close. It covers the area your mid-ranged jutsu do not cover and can defuse tight situations.
        • Lightning Release: Thundering Sphere
          • This jutsu was never hit and didn’t pressure me at all.
          • You would place this jutsu directly above me and I had so much time to avoid it.
          • You could pressure me with this jutsu by using it in sharp corners.
          • Find out how large the range spans for this jutsu so you have a better idea of where this can and cannot hit me.
    • Nature Kekkei Genkai
      • ███ BAD
        • Polarity Release: Gaseous Discharge
          • You could be more effective with this jutsu if you just let it spread further. How far this spreads is influenced by your camera. You look far down when you activate this jutsu and it causes it to not spread far.
          • This jutsu is good for punishing me for being close or getting out of stressful situations.
        • Polarity Release: Ion Bolt
          • You did not land this jutsu and it did not pressure me.
          • You would often try to place it on top of me without accounting for the delay it has before activating. This jutsu should be used to block the path your target is running.
          • You don’t have to hit every bit of it but it becomes easier as the jutsu activates because the slow gets heavier.
        • Polarity Release: Supercharged Jolt
          • You would use this jutsu at random and it didn’t pressure me.
          • You can use this jutsu to pressure me into using my mobility jutsu.
          • Be careful how you use this as I can place other jutsu that you will naturally run into. While this can make you harder to hit, it also makes it harder for you to dodge if someone preys on it.
    • Rank
      • ███ BAD
        • Chakra Dash & Chakra Jump
          • Not effective at dodging or engaging.
        • Teleportation
          • Not effective at removing yourself from difficult situations.
        • Substitution
          • Not used, but be effective if used to take me by surprise.
            • If you do use this, don’t obviously set your substitutes or people can play against them.
        • Ninja Art: Kunai Barrage
          • Not required to use but would definitely be effective at cancelling Sharingan from far ranges.
    • General
      • ███ FAIR
        • Ninja Art: Explosive Kunai
          • Hit a few times, did effective damage.
          • Always use this as extra damage, not primary damage.
        • Green Roar
          • Missed quite a bit even though it was used a lot.
          • You can use this to cancel Sharingan.
    • Ninja Tool
      • ███ BAD
        • Paperbomb
          • Not used too often, but still not very effective.
        • Kunai/Shuriken
          • Used a bit, may help shorten the fight by a fraction.
            • Additionally, you may want to experiment outside of the test with spikes to see how they would work for you.
    • Playstyle
      • ███ BAD
        • The way you play against others will prevent you from hitting your jutsu. A lot of your jutsu require you to be within close range and you take a really far ranged approach. While this is okay for Fan Slash, something you’re still not too accurate with, it would benefit you to not be as afraid to play closer.
        • As mentioned above, you have a lot of jutsu that can scare off people from being in close range if you are in danger. You just aren’t using them the way you should. Take advantage of what you have to play better.
    • Sequence
      • ███ FAIR
        • You struggled to switch your sequence up each fight making you very predictable. This allowed me to set spikes down when you were rushing me or reverse or stand still when I knew I was not in danger. You were cancelled almost entirely.
        • You kind of use one ability after the other without thinking about how you can respond with one set of abilities for a situation versus another.
    • Balance
      • ███ BAD
        • You cycled through Spider Web, Fan Slash, and Paperbomb Kunai quite a lot to deal your damage and it isn’t very effective.
        • You do not put enough focus into hitting or using your higher cooldown yet higher damage abilities. You spend a lot of time using lower cooldown abilities that do less damage and as a result, you run out of options and miss all of your more important and stronger ones.

    If you have any more questions, feel free to ask here. I am more than willing to clarify anything I have posted here. Thank you.


    Dw Levi you can do it next time!


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