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    What is your full Minecraft username?


    What character position are you attempting to combat test for?

    6-tails Jinchuriki

    What clan are you?


    What rank are you?

    Medical Specialist

    What chakra natures do you have?

    Water + Fire = Boil


    When do you want to test?


    I’d like to test as soon as possible


    Any specific time?


    4:30-5pm today would work really well for me


    5PM is fine then.


    I’m guessing today didn’t work out? I was checking the thread, in-game but no replies.


    Just remember that practice resets Sunday, so if you miss tomorrow (Saturday) as well, you will have to redo practice for the week.



    • Clan
      • ███ BAD
        • Water Release: Bubble Wrap
          • This would be a good counter to me trying to attack you at close-range, but sometimes I don’t think you use it that way.
          • You could use this to stop me from playing evasively.
        • Water Release: Bubble String
          • You are normally too far away to use this jutsu, and so it misses. I would consider trying to use this jutsu as an opener, at at closer ranges.
            • This jutsu may force me to dash, but you can shoot the fast moving projectile if you just land the initial slow homing.
        • Water Release: Bubble Rise
          • It felt like you used this jutsu more for extra damage than utility and you didn’t always land it.
          • I would use this to push me back if I am being aggressive and I would make sure to be closer when trying to use it.
        • Water Release: Bubble Autumn Wind
          • It felt like you either hit this or you didn’t, and you can benefit from being closer. Try to find the sweet spot of range where it can chase me and still land regularly.
          • Remember that you need to hold your cursor on your target while this is being used or else it will miss.
    • Chakra Nature
      • ███ BAD
        • Fire Release: Flame Cyclone
          • You tried to use this a lot but it wasn’t very useful for you.
          • You need to try to corner me or catch me off guard using this jutsu.
          • You should wait until I have no more movement jutsu left to use this.
          • You tried to use this similarly each time which made it less effective.
            • Try to switch up when, where, and how you use it each time so that it becomes less avoidable.
          • Try not to thirst or shoot ninja tools at me while I am near it, it will make it much easier to avoid.
        • Fire Release: Bed of Flames
          • You normally landed this, but sometimes you shot too short.
            • If you want to use this to get in range, you have to be accurate. It travels farther than expected, so try to fine tune how you use it.
            • You can use this to start the fight aggressively, to help you get in range, and to push me away.
        • Fire Release: Meteor Blitz
          • You normally used this for extra damage when it serves better purpose as a utility.
          • You could use this to punish me for playing evasively, for charging chakra. If I am reversing or am running toward you, it acts like a wall.
        • Water Release: Bullet Ball Barrage
          • You are very far away when using this and you do not give it a lot of chance to spread. You need to have a greater sense of timing when activating this jutsu so that it can be used effectively.
          • Setting this up before I use a movement jutsu can make me waste them. This jutsu makes it hard for me to engage and forces me into using movement jutsu by creating invisible barriers or grips to the water.
        • Water Release: Hydro Bomb
          • You used this a lot and only landed it a few times. You should work on your hit ratio.
          • You were often too far away for it to hit me. Try to find out what the max-range you can use this jutsu at is and try to use it at that range each time.
            • Inch your way toward me when activating this so that you can have help guide the hit and have better timing.
          • Try to use this when I am up-close so that you can knock me away. This is especially good if you need to punish me for playing aggressively.
          • Remember that this jutsu can be curved with your cursor, so make use of that. Don’t try to curve it too much or you will make it harder on yourself.
        • Water Release: Water Fang Bullet
          • You used this a lot and got close to hitting it, but never did.
            • This jutsu can be placed on the ground pretty far. Make use of this potential range.
              • Try to place it to the left, right, or behind your target. It has a pretty wide damage radius and can be difficult to escape when not in your opponent’s direct field of view.
            • Try to mix this in during a toss-up of jutsu.
              • This will make it harder for me to react to it coming.
            • Take advantage of when my movement jutsu are on cooldown.
              • I have less of an ability to escape a jutsu coming at me if they are.
              • Try to catch me with it from movement jutsu, aiming near or where I am going to land.
            • Try to hit me with it when I am charging chakra or initially using Sharingan.
              • I am less focused on moving when I am charging chakra.
    • Nature Kekkei Genkai
      • ███ FAIR
        • Boil Release: Caustic Brume
          • You used this jutsu a bit later in the test, but it wasn’t very threatening.
            • You need to give this jutsu a lot of area coverage and it needs to surround me more. This jutsu is good at forcing movement jutsu.
            • Don’t try to chase me around with this jutsu, but it should act as punishment for playing too close or aggressive.
        • Boil Release: Boiling Bomb
          • You normally landed this, but where and when you use it could be better.
            • The jutsu is weighty, so when you shoot it too far away it is prone to missing.
            • This could be a decent opener or way to get me off of you that can help you take control of the fight.
        • Boil Release: Acidic Skin
          • It felt a little random for when you used this jutsu.
          • This jutsu is really good at forcing me to use my movement jutsu and making it harder for me to engage.
            • This is a stage hazard that you want to place when I am playing aggressively or even when I am evading.
    • Rank
      • ███ BAD
        • Chakra Dash
          • You use a lot of movement jutsu to engage, but you leave yourself short in dodging or re-engaging from a dodge.
            • Try to quickly get back into the fight and don’t use your movement jutsu to get too far away.
        • Chakra Retreat
          • I think you need to have snappier reactions to dodge. This jutsu is unique in that it allows you to disengage, but you kind of disengage to heal only. You want to avoid the thing that deals damage, not take damage, disengage, and heal.
        • Medical Needles
          • You weren’t too accurate with this. This works better at close-range and sometimes you try to play sniper with it, which does not work well.
          • When I am low on chakra and need to charge, this will make it very difficult for me to recuperate and respond, especially with attacks or movement jutsu.
        • Medical Ninjutsu: Self Regeneration & Medical Ninjutsu: Self Healing
          • You need to play smarter and less obviously with your heals. You use them a lot which is a big drain on chakra and large debuff to yourself, and a major time waster.
          • Try not to stack these heals together. There were many time during the test where I burned your health before it could regenerate from your heals. It’s predictable and I have come to seek it out and punish it.
        • Medical Ninjutsu: Self Cleansing
          • You can easily cleanse away blindness and fatigues, especially from Sharingan. I don’t really see you using this jutsu at all or effectively.
    • General
      • ███ FAIR
        • Green Roar
          • You could use this to stop Sharingan from activating, remember that there are other uses aside from damage.
        • Ninja Art: Explosive Kunai
          • You didn’t use this a lot, but it would serve a better purpose at close-range when using it.
            • This would be a decent and unexpected punishment for pausing to charge chakra at mid-to-long range.
    • Ninja Tool
      • ███ BAD
        • Paperbomb
          • This could be used to mess up my aim and to force me to use movement jutsu every so often, but I didn’t see that happening in our test.
        • Kunai/Shuriken
          • These are good for incremental damage throughout the fight, can defuse Sharingan from l0ng-range, can help you get within range. I don’t think you were too accurate with this and missed a few times.
    • Playstyle
      • ███ BAD
        • You seem to struggle with the utility usage of your jutsu. For the jutsu that aren’t blantatly debuffs, there are secondary uses you should be aware of. Try to be more observant of how you can counter or parry things I am doing while fighting you.
        • A common medical issue is that they spend too much time disengaging, and the fight ends up being a race until you die. Try to have a steady mix engaging and disengaging and don’t waste your movement jutsu doing it.
    • Sequence
      • ███ BAD
        • Try to keep me pressured and weighted down by your debuffs, forcing me to waste my movement jutsu. Parry and counter my attacks with your own jutsu.
          • This sequence will make it harder for me to react in time to dodge hard hits among other jutsu.
        • Be careful about which jutsu you fire out. You don’t want to misfire and waste an important cooldown, which seems to be a trend for you.
        • Try not to chain heals with movement jutsu, it prolongs the fight, is predictable, and easily punishable.
        • Try to be aware of the jutsu you mix together for extra damage. More times than not, the jutsu are designed to work better apart from one another and using them on top of each other is wasteful, or sometimes a crutch.
    • Balance
      • ███ BAD
        • You focused pretty heavily on Flame Cyclone and Water Fang Bullet. Remember to work on lowering the amount of times you use it to two or three times per fight, hitting it once every other fight. You don’t want to pray that they will be hit. Find and mix up times and places they can be used.
        • Try to harp on Medical Ninjutsu. It is new and fresh to you, but using it too often may lead to a pretty great fall in chakra, which I observed in our test.
          • Remember that it is important to use everything equally and to have decent hit ratios. You want to put equal focus into everything so that one part of your set doesn’t fall super flat. Not hitting hard hitters isn’t great, but letting the rest of your set worsen in performance is also dangerous.
    ███ ONE WEEK

    If you have any more questions, feel free to ask here. I am more than willing to clarify anything I have posted here. Thank you.

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