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    What is your full Minecraft username? TimerPVP
    What character position are you attempting to combat test for? Zetsu
    What clan are you? Senju
    What rank are you? Jounin/Rogue Ninja
    What chakra natures do you have? Water and Earth
    What nature kekkei genkai do you have?  Mud


    Okay, what time do you intend to test?


    Before 6pm would be nice ^_^


    is 4PM ok?


    4PM is okay.



    • Clan
      • ███ POOR
        • Wood Release: Giant Forest
          • Rarely if ever hit in our fights, always too far away to pose a threat.
          • Aim where your target is going, not where they are when you first use it. People can side-step this because you do not predict or follow where your opponent moves.
        • Wood Release: Wooden Mallet
          • You used this so much that you took away from your overall performance.
          • You don’t really have to aim for this jutsu, you just have to be near your target. You could use this to disable Sharingan.
          • This doesn’t deal a lot of damage, you need to stop using this as much.
          • It is a good way to make your target waste movement jutsu or even to set up other hazards to pressure them.
        • Wood Release: Silent Strangle
          • You missed this jutsu the majority of the time you tried using it.
          • This jutsu can slow down your target considerably and prevent me from leaping, jumping. It’s a good way to make your enemy waste movement jutsu so that they are left vulnerable upon exit.
          • This jutsu works well to plan your next move. You can even chain slows together, but make sure not to overwrite the debuff it puts on your target with another slowness jutsu.
        • Wood Release: Cypress Nail
          • You used this jutsu so frequently that it took away from your overall performance.
          • You rely heavily on this jutsu and it gets stale quickly. You have an entire clan and you shouldn’t have to use this five times per fight, still getting full hearted after each match.
          • This jutsu is good for extra damage, it is definitely not the main course of your entire set. You should try harder to get better with your other jutsu.
    • Chakra Nature
      • ███ POOR
        • Earth Release: Rising Earth Spikes
          • You didn’t hit this jutsu on me during our fights. It is good for extra damage, but you play too far away making it impossible to hit a close-range ability.
        • Earth Release: Dark Swamp
          • I’m not sure if you used this at all. If you did, it was never hit.
          • This jutsu is good for putting distance between you and your target. It slows them heavily and allows you to plot your next move.
        • Earth Release: Planet Splitter
          • You didn’t hit this jutsu. It is a core component of Earth Release that allows you to deal effective damage. This jutsu is all about reaction time and forcing your opponent into a tight situation, not being able to react to it fast enough that they can escape.
          • You can create a line across the field that your target will have a hard time dodging.
          • You can predict where they’re at a far distance and abuse their lack of reaction to the jutsu.
        • Water Release: Water Fang Bullet
          • This jutsu was never hit during our fights.
          • Practice aiming where your target is going, this is especially important with this jutsu.
          • Perhaps you could plant this under me when charging chakra or where I fall from leaps, may give you an opportunity to come in and attack me once it fades.
          • You could use it right as my Sharingan is activating because I am slowed while it is first being used.
          • Aim behind or to the left or right of me when using Water Fang Bullet; not being able to see it coming may make it easier to hit.
        • Water Release: Hydro Bomb
          • Never hit during our fights.
          • Remember that this jutsu has a delay and you need to play close to hit it. Aim where your target is going and know that you can use your cursor to curve it.
          • This jutsu is good for pushing me out of range in stressful times.
        • Water Release: Bullet Ball Barrage
          • Not effective during our fight.
          • Good at catching people out of leaps or baiting them into using movements to escape.
    • Nature Kekkei Genkai
      • ███ POOR
        • Mud Release: Muddy Water Wall
          • Serves as more movement cancellation and extra damage, none of which you did.
          • You didn’t hit this jutsu at all.
          • You need to throw this jutsu in the path where your target is heading so that they run into it.
        • Mud Release: Bottomless Mud Hole
          • You hit this jutsu once or twice and you didn’t get the effectiveness of it damaging your target or even the benefit of the slow.
          • Another jutsu you need to plant where your target is going or while your target isn’t mobile.
        • Mud Release: Landslide
          • You didn’t hit this often, but it is effective at cancelling abilities like Sharingan or stopping yourself from taking a heavy set of damage.
          • You would use it randomly, which wasn’t effective, and it would only enable your fleeing issue.
    • Rank
      • ███ POOR
        • Ninja Art: Kunai Barrage
          • While not required to use this, you used it a lot and almost always missed the large majority of it.
        • Chakra Dash, Chakra Jump, Teleportation
          • You spammed these repeatedly whenever getting touched by a jutsu. You spent so much time fleeing with them that it hurt your overall performance.
        • Substitution
          • A substitution or two could make a difference when trying to catch someone off-guard. Don’t make where you substitute obvious and vary which ones you use.
    • General
      • ███ POOR
        • Ninja Art: Explosive Kunai
          • Sometimes hit, but rarely.
          • Serves as extra damage but you shouldn’t use it all the time.
        • Ninja Art: Kunai Volley
          • Another jutsu like Kunai Barrage that you missed frequently.
    • Ninja Tool
      • ███ POOR
        • Paperbomb
          • Slight reliability on paperbombs for damage, tried to bait fall damage when you struggled to hit anything important.
        • Demon Wind Shuriken
          • This was never hit and it felt like you were experimenting inside of the test. If you want to use this tool, you need to practice with it.
    • Playstyle
      • ███ POOR
        • Your playstyle is not a match for your clan. You play too far to hit any of your aimed jutsu, and then when you take the slightest amount of damage, you flee from your enemies. I don’t even have to use Sharingan for you to flee.
        • You play too passively for your abilities to be effective. You need to use your abilities in response to certain jutsu or else you will just struggle to do anything with them.
        • The only jutsu you can hit are ones that take virtually no precision or that already target everything within range for you.
    • Sequence
      • ███ POOR
        • You don’t have a plan when entering the fight and you need to. Make sure to figure out what things you want to use each fight and mix it up.
        • Focus on improving how you use each jutsu. Use more jutsu each fight.
    • Balance
      • ███ POOR
        • You will literally cycle through Wooden Mallet, Cypress Nail, Paperbomb, and Paperbomb Kunai to deal your damage and miss everything else. This is woefully innefective. You need to get used to using all of your jutsu and start including them as part of your sequence.
          • If you don’t follow the advice from character testing after nearly a year of trying, you’ll be hard pressed to pass. You need to practice hard and follow the advice I give you, not just inside the test, but outside as well. This is important.

    If you have any more questions, feel free to ask here. I am more than willing to clarify anything I have posted here. Thank you.

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