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    What is your full Minecraft username? Titus_the_King
    What character position are you attempting to combat test for? Kokuō
    What clan are you? Johatsu
    What rank are you? ANBU
    What chakra natures do you have? Fire and Water
    What nature kekkei genkai do you have? Boil Release


    What day are you looking to schedule for? u might have to pick a specific one because spots are weird


    I can test any time on the 25th if that is open.




    • Clan
      • ███ POOR
        • Boil Release: Furious Blast
          • This jutsu wasn’t used too great, it felt as if you kind of threw it out at a random time usually.
          • This jutsu is a really good tool for baiting out my movement or pushing me back. I can really only remember one time where you used it to push me back to stop me from engaging.
          • You sometimes used it a little too far away when attempting to knock me back which made it not work, when using it you have to be a little bit closer to your target.
          • Although the jutsu can be used to push opponents back, it can also be used to pressure your opponent. Even though it does no damage the fire debuff is enough to be able to pressure your opponent.
        • Boil Release: Eruption Kick
          • This jutsu has a delay when using it, so you need to be careful when casting it.
          • Often when we tested you didn’t really hit this at all, usually you were either a little too far away or you didn’t even attempt to use it.
          • You need to use this closer to your target for it to hit, this jutsu does a lot of damage and can even force out my dash afterwards.
        • Boil Release: Fountain of Fury Fist
          • This jutsu was used a lot compared to the other jutsus for your clan. I suggest you try to limit your use of this or try to make up for it by using the rest of your clan just as equally.
          • Your accuracy with this wasn’t too great, you made it a little predictable considering you used it from the same range each time. Try to get more creative with the ranges you use it from. This jutsu is solid for doing damage and knocking me back forcing my movement. Practice your accuracy with this for sure.
        • Boil Release: Indestructible
          • You also prioritized this jutsu a lot over the other ones in your kit like Eruption Kick or Furious Blast. It almost felt as if this was your main source of damage when we were testing.
          • You did an okay job of using this, you usually tried to corner me with it. But make sure you aren’t always using it when your opponent is cornered, there are other ways to use it.
          • This jutsu is solid for baiting out someone’s movement jutsu but today I felt as if I didn’t need to dash away to avoid it, I was kind of just able to walk out of it. So make sure you’re a little bit more closer to your opponent when using this.
    • Chakra Nature
      • ███ POOR
        • Fire Release: Meteor Blitz
          • You weren’t really accurate with this, you kind of just hit it once or twice on me when I was charging chakra which is good. You want to do that more.
          • Try to place this in the direction I am walking in.
          • You did have a habit of using this a little bit right after Flame Cyclone, you don’t really want that to become a habit. You want to be able to use this the right way.
          • This jutsu is solid for chipping away at my health and stopping me from healing up. It’s also a good tool to maybe bait out my dash.
        • Fire Release: Bed of Flames
          • This jutsu was used okay, you kind of mainly placed it on my feet which is alright but you need to keep in mind there are other ways to use this jutsu. You can engage with it from mid range, you don’t need to always use it at my feet.
          • The jutsu is solid for pressuring me and doing good damage when you’re engaging, most of the time when you engage you aren’t really using this. It feels as if sometimes it’s just thrown out randomly.
        • Fire Release: Flame Cyclone
          • You used this at least 2-3 times a fight which is okay but it still never hit me. Most of the time when you used this I was able to dash away. You need to be able to bait out my movement jutsu beforehand.
          • Your placements with these were alright, you either put them around corners or in the middle of the arena. You don’t want to place them directly in the middle of the arena, it makes it easier for me to run out of it.
          • Work on your accuracy with this, experiment more with how you can hit this and where you can place it.
        • Water Release: Hydro Bomb
          • You didn’t really use this jutsu a whole lot, and when you did use this jutsu it never hit me. This was often due to being too far away.
          • You need to be close to your target when casting this. Also you should take a little bit more control over the curve, this jutsu can catch people who are trying to strafe the other way if you are able to curve it properly.
          • If possible, try to wait for me to come to you before using it. Or bait out my dash beforehand if you can.
        • Water Release: Water Fang Bullet
          • You used this 2-3 times during our test which is okay, try to use it at least once a fight.
          • Your placements with this weren’t the best, you want to place it around my corner or you can even try to be sneaky with it and place it behind me. If I recall you tried only once to place it behind me.
          • Continue practicing your accuracy and uses of this jutsu.
        • Water Release: Bullet Ball Barrage
          • This jutsu wasn’t used a whole lot during our test, maybe 1-2 times total.
          • This jutsu is good for stopping my momentum, but it felt as if you didn’t use it correctly. Towards our last fight you kind of used it at the beginning with no real impact. Use this when you need to regenerate chakra, health or if you just need to use it to slow down the fight.
          • Get used to using it a little bit more, you definitely didn’t use it that much.
    • Nature Kekkei Genkai
      • ███ POOR
        • Boil Release: Acidic Skin
          • You used this a lot honestly and it felt as if it had no impact. Sure it launched me up in the air once or twice but it never felt as if I needed to dash away or anything.
          • You also kind of didn’t have a real use for it, you should try to use this when I am engaging on you or pressuring you. Using this mid fight while I am pressuring you can mess up my aim or cause me to dash away.
        • Boil Release: Boiling Bomb
          • Not sure how often this was used considering it never really hit me, but your accuracy with it wasn’t too good. I think it only hit me once.
          • Try to think of it as Bed of Flames almost, you need to be close to use it and it also does solid damage like Bed of Flames.
          • Work on your accuracy and placements with this jutsu.
        • Boil Release: Caustic Brume
          • This was used too much. You often used this a lot especially when I was in a corner, which is fine. Cornering with this jutsu is normal but it felt as if you tried to do it too much. You can definitely spread this out more and use it a little bit closer to your target. There were multiple times where I was just on the edge of it so it never ended up hitting me.
          • You need to not prioritize this over other jutsus in your kit, a lot of the time it felt as if you were relying on this jutsu to do damage or bait out my movement, you have other jutsus in your kit that can do the exact same thing.
    • Rank
      • ███ POOR
        • Ninja Art: Paralyzing Kunai
          • This was used alright, your accuracy with it wasn’t awful but it wasn’t used properly. You used this randomly at the start of each fight a couple of times. There was only one time that it actually hit me when I was casting a jutsu. You want to be doing that more, save this jutsu for when you need to take a step back and stun your opponent.
        • Ninja Art: Secret Stealth
          • It felt as if you never used this. You need to be using this more and effectively if you want to pass.
          • This jutsu is good for temporarily regaining chakra or repositioning yourself. But if you do use it make sure you aren’t using damaging jutsu with it.
        • Ninja Art: Silencing Seal
          • You used this once or twice in our test and it never had an impact. Similar to Paralyzing Kunai you want to use this when you want to cancel out one of my jutsus or to prevent me from engaging onto you.
          • You often just threw it out randomly.
        • Ninja Art: Afterimage Dash
          • You used this but it wasn’t good, you paired it once with Bullet Ball Barrage. Try not to do that next time.
          • This jutsu is good for repositioning or avoiding a jutsu of mine mid fight, try to be more conservative of it.
    • General
      • ███ POOR
        • Ninja Art: Kunai Volley
          • This was used but it wasn’t good. You kind of just used it to make up for the damage you lost when you missed your clan jutsu or elemental jutsu.
          • Use this more defensively, there were a lot of times where I ran on you and you didn’t use this or any other jutsu in your kit to push me back.
        • Green Roar
          • This was used okay, like I said for Kunai Volley it kind of felt as if you defaulted back to this when you missed your other jutsus.
          • This can be used to defuse Sharingan.
        • Ninja Art: Explosive Kunai
          • This wasn’t used too good, you kind of just threw it out to make it up for the damage you missed.
          • This jutsu can be used when I am charging chakra.
          • You can use this to mess up my aim.
    • Ninja Tool
      • ███ POOR
        • Kunai/Shuriken
          • You didn’t really use these much, or you weren’t too accurate with them.
          • These can defuse Sharingan from long range if you have nothing else to use.
        • Paperbomb
          • Refer to my criticism for Explosive Kunai.
    • Playstyle
      • ███ POOR
        • You play too passive for your clan and kekkei, you need to keep in mind you have a really aggressive kekkei and clan. Often you would rely on jutsu such as Caustic Brume or Boil Release: Indestructible to do damage. You need to be able to use everything from your kit, and you need to play more aggressive. You can’t just constantly play passive.
    • Sequence
      • ███ POOR
        • Your sequence wasn’t good, you kind of just scrolled through your jutsu and didn’t have a thought behind them. You often used the same jutsu in a specific order each fight which made it predictable. You want to get creative and mix it up a little bit.
    • Balance
      • ███ POOR
        • Overall you are prioritizing certain jutsu over others. You need to be able to do damage with everything in your kit. You need to use everything equally as well. You need to have more confidence in yourself to play more aggressive, a lot of the time I am just running into you and you aren’t responding. You’re either walking backwards or you aren’t using any jutsu in your kit to push me back.
        • Practice more with your accuracy, and work on having a response for when I am playing aggressive. Also, work on balancing everything together in your kit. Don’t prioritize two jutsu for damage.
    ███ TWO WEEK

    If you have any more questions, feel free to ask here. I am more than willing to clarify anything I have posted here. Thank you.

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