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    Try not to force combos! Just get comfortable with your jutsus and learn how they work in synergy with eachother. Combos will evolve naturally from that!

    When trying to get better, don’t resort to practicing against player under your skill-level. Always look upwards, that’s the best way to get better!

    Don’t reset right away! A new clan is always going to have a bit of a learning curve attatched to it. If you give up right away you’ll never find the one you like the most!

    Have a goal! It’s always easier to improve when you know what you’re striving towards. An example of a goal could be a character, or a certain rank such as Jounin or ANBU.

    Last but not least, grind. You need to grind, grind, grind, and when you’re done? Guess what, grind some more, nerd. You won’t get better unless you practice, maybe it’s self-evident but I see way too many people complain about not getting better without actually putting in the work. So get that practice in!

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