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    Hi no one reading this probably knows who I am, but my name is Jack. I used to play Bcraft about a year ago and have been on and off the server for about 3 years. I was banned about 10 months ago for being annoying, instigating issues, and doing the contrary to what staff members and Deathdusk did to me intentionally. I essentially did everything in my power to irritate staff members and members of the community.

    I have changed in the way that I no longer will try to irritate members of the community. In fact, I have no friends so I will try to make new friends on the server because I am lonely and sad. I am sincerely sorry for the way I acted, and don’t want the way I acted over that point of time to represent who I am, because I am not trying to be that guy. I over stepped the boundaries of fooling around and will not do that again.

    I want to be unbanned because I enjoy playing Bcraft. I believe it is currently my best option for playing a Naruto server, and one of my best friends also wants to get back into it. I think that I could have a great summer playing on the server, and would be excited to have the opportunity to be able to play again.


    I’ll think about this and get back to you.


    Ok thank you.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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