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    I feel like I should be a hoster because this server is awesome and I don’t see me leaving anytime soon. I feel like I am online a lot and have a lot of free time and I have the schedule for exams downloaded and already alarms set so that I can host if you accept this application. I am online a lot so I will host at 300-700 P.M Eastern Time depending on what day it is and will take notes and show that I am nothing more of amazing to you and the other staff. I will use my computer’s notepad application to write my notes down then I will proofread the paper and fix any errors and send to designated note area. So to conclude this application I would like to give a rundown on why I will be nothing short of amazing to the server. I will be on time, I will take notes on everything you ask me too and more so that if you ask me for something else I have it ready, I have alarms set for each exam in the server set for everyday or only some depending if its only for that day, I don’t see myself leaving in the future because this server is awesome and lived up to any and all of my expectations.

    Sincerely, Reinflate










    You didn’t fill out the application, meet any of the requirements, probably didn’t look at the guide. You can find it at spawn.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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